Signs of a Poor Connection Between Your Office Computers and Printers


Signs Your Printer Isn’t Getting a Signal From Your Computer

Wireless connections make it easy for you to send a document from your computer to a nearby printer. When you have connection problems, though, you’ll notice that the printer doesn’t respond as fast as it did before or at all. If you think you have a connection problem, you can check around your office for some common signs that the printer isn’t getting a signal.

Not Listed

Before you can send a document off for printing, you will need to select the document that you want to use and click on the print option. This will bring up a list of all connected printers found in the vicinity. It’s helpful to name the printers in your office based on the location of each one. If the computer cannot find the printer and does not include it in this list, you won’t be able to print documents.

Slow Response Times

The amount of time it takes for a printer to make a copy of a document depends on any other documents already in the queue and the length of those documents. When you get there early in the morning, you can select a document, send it to the printer you want to use and see how long it takes. If the printer takes longer than a few minutes to queue up the document and even longer to print it, you should retain print services in Las Vegas and find out if the printer needs to be repaired.

Repairs Needed

Whenever you make changes to the network used by your office computers, you risk causing connection issues. Those changes can prevent the printer or the computer from identifying each other and even shut down your network completely. Though you might think that you can figure out the network problem on your own, you should contact experts to ensure your printer does not need a major repair or upgrade.

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Top Reasons Why an Office Copier Might Overheat and Shut Down


Reasons for an Overheating Copier in Your Office

The copier in your office is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your workers use every day. If it constantly overheats and shuts down, you’ll waste time waiting for it to cool down and restarting the machine again. Looking at some of the top causes of copier overheating can help you talk more effectively with repair techs to decide what you need.

Not Enough Space

Many offices are so tight and cramped that you wind up moving the copier to a corner or another area and surrounding it with other equipment and machines. This keeps the copier from releasing the warm air that it produces when making copies, which can make it overheat. As the internal temperature of the machine rises, it may even shut itself off.


The features on commercial copiers change with each passing year. While you don’t need to replace yours every year, you will need to keep an eye on its age. A copier will usually only last for seven to ten years. Once it gets a little older, you’ll notice it becoming temperamental and it won’t respond as quickly as it did before. A copier repair in Las Vegas may help you update that copier with some new software to keep it from overheating or suggest that you upgrade to a newer model.

Overall Use

You shouldn’t expect your copier to perform well when each person in your office uses it a few times every hour. The more workers that use it, the more the copier has to struggle to keep up, which can lead to it overheating. Taking a short break and asking that workers use printers instead of copiers might solve this problem, but taking a break may lead to the copier acting sluggish later. When you have an overheating copier, it’s best to get some help finding the exact cause of the problem.

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Equipment and Tools You Don’t Need When Building a Home Office


Top Equipment Your Home Office Doesn’t Need

With a work-from-home job, you can make money at the same time that you raise your kids or spend time with your loved ones. Before you start working, you might think that you need all the commercial office equipment that you would use in a full-service office. As long as you have a computer and other tools, you won’t need some of the same equipment that other offices do.

Fax Machine

While there are many businesses that still use fax machines, you can use your computer as one. You can download programs and use websites that will turn a simple email or document into a PDF form that you can send via fax and others that let you submit a file and let someone else fax it for you for a small fee. This saves you from needing a separate phone line to run a fax machine and from keeping your only phone line occupied to send a fax.


Many people assume that they need an expensive printer when working from home, but you can skip investing in printing supplies and use managed print services Las Vegas companies instead. These companies can print the work that you need once you submit those documents via email or hand over a USB drive. A managed print company can take care of maintenance on any printer or similar machine that you buy later too.

Commercial Supplies

With a home-based business, you will not need a break room, a water cooler, vending machines or a coffee maker that can make drinks for the entire office. You can get by with your own snacks and a smaller coffee maker that you store in your kitchen. Working from home lets you build a home office that includes only the equipment and machines that you need daily.

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How to Identify a Leaky Copier Toner and What You Should Do About It


How to Know If the Toner Cartridge Springs a Leak

Copy machines are some of the most dependable and heavily used pieces of equipment in an office. They make use of consumable toners that contain a black powder or multiple colors of powder that are used to do the printing. If you suspect that the toner is leaking, it is important to call for prompt copy machine service to lessen the risk of damage to the machine and remove the leaking toner.

Blobs of Black on the Paper

When a toner cartridge has sprung a leak, you might notice black ink blobs on the printed sheets of paper. In some cases, the leak will affect the entire surface of the drum. This could result in black streaks on the paper. The print quality could go down, with problems such as blurry letters or double printing. Rarely, the pages of paper could become saturated with the toner.

Copy Machine Giving an Error Code

In some cases, a copy machine that has a leaky toner will display an error code. If you have a guide for the error codes or the machine’s operation, you might be able to find out what part of the machine is having trouble. Whenever a copy machine has an error code that is not for a jamming of paper, it is important to arrange for a technician to diagnose and repair the equipment.

Copy Machine Indicating a Paper Jam

Sometimes, a paper jam error code could indicate a problem with the toner cartridge. A piece of paper could be caught around the drum in the area of the leak. This is because the leaking toner is sticky and could adhere to the paper, making the paper unable to complete the full rotation around the drum.

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Cheap Printers Can Cause Problems and Run Your Business’s Bottom Line


Common Problems with Cheap Printers

As a business owner or an office manager, you probably look for ways to save and cut costs like limiting the office supplies that workers can use and changing your vendors. While you might feel tempted to buy a cheap office printer, you may change your mind after looking at some of the problems associated with those machines.

Poor Quality

The newest printers designed for commercial use have such great quality that each page you print will come out with a professional look. You won’t get the same quality with a cheap printer. These printers often feature fewer colors of ink and mix those colors together to make other shades, which will keep the pages from printing with all the colors that you want. That ink can take longer to dry, which can result in smudges and smears. Some pages may even smear coming out of the cheap printer.

Ink Usage

In addition to buying a printer, you need to maintain that printer. You might think that a cheap printer is best because you can save on the cost of ink. While ink for these printers may cost less than the ink for professional models, cheap printers often use more ink than expensive models do. You may go through an entire ink cartridge in just one day. The cost of replacing those cartridges will cost more than paying for print services Las Vegas to do the printing for you.

Paper Jams

Each second that you spend dealing with small problems around the office is time that you take away from running your business or managing your office. Cheap printers often experience frequent paper jams as the paper sticks to the rollers. This will require that you and other workers take time away from routine tasks and assignments to fix that paper and print the documents again. Don’t assume that buying a cheap printer will save you money because these machines can cost more over time.

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