The Benefits of Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges


Good Reasons to Recycle Empty Cartridges

When your toner or ink cartridges become empty, it may be tempting to simply throw it out and replace it with another cartridge. However, it may be just as easy to put it in a recycling bin or return it to an ink or toner vendor instead. Recycling cartridges could save millions of gallons of oil per year while also cutting down on other resources need to make a new cartridge.

Recycling Saves Money

When ink or toner manufacturers receive empty ink cartridges, they can simply refill it with ink and send it back to a retailer to be sold again. This saves money because there is no need to acquire oil and other raw materials needed to make a new cartridge. It also requires fewer labor hours and less energy to refill a cartridge compared to creating a new one from scratch. When items cost less to manufacture, they generally cost less for the end consumer to purchase.

Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

The process of extracting and transporting oil and other resources to a manufacturing plant produces greenhouse gasses. The process of making the cartridge itself may also result in the release of greenhouse gas. By recycling cartridges, there is no need to use heavy machinery, large transport trucks or large factories that can pollute the air.

Get Help With All Copy Machine Issues

Hiring a copy machine service may make it easier to keep your equipment working properly. This can help save money as your company will be running at peak efficiency. At the same time, a service company may be able to collect empty cartridges or otherwise help your company be as environmentally conscious as possible.

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Prioritizing Your Business’ To-Do List


How to Major in the Business Minors Well

When many people decide to be small business owners, they get caught up in the minor tasks. They start shopping for office decor and supplies before they have incorporated the company. While it’s important to have order and focus on the income-producing activities, there are a few minor details you’ll want to check off your list for workplace efficiency.

Logo Creation

Outsource the logo creation to a graphic designer on a website that hosts a lot of freelancers. Pick out your colors and communicate the vision of the company. That will help the graphic designer to come up with a logo that works for your company’s mission. Ask for a few options so that you can make a final decision quickly. Once you make a decision, you can cross that off the list and use the logo on all of your materials. Don’t get stuck at this step. Too many people spend months on this step and it shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Business Cards

Once you have the logo and company information, now it’s time to outsource the printing of the business cards. As you sell your products and services, it’s always good to keep a few business cards nearby. Make sure to include the company’s website information and any contact information as well. It’s a good idea to hire someone to create the business card. Once it’s completed, take advantage of print services in Las Vegas to complete the final product. Now, you won’t have to fidget and squirm when someone asks for a business card.

Business Bank Account

A business bank account is essential because you’ll want to keep track of the business expenses and income. Plus, when tax season comes around, you’ll want to be able to deliver a solid and accurate report. If an accountant has to fish through your personal bank statements to find business transactions, this can be a nightmare. From the beginning, get a business bank account and manage the money in that space.

As long as you cross these few tasks off of the list, you can work on income-producing activities without worry. Remember that while you want to make sure these things get done, do not major in the minors for a long time. When you follow these processes, you can major in the minors well.

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Different Types of Copiers For the Office


Copy Machine Types and Their Uses

If you are considering the selection of a copy machine for your office or home, there are many different types available to you, each of which has a unique main function. With so many options to select from, you’ll want to weigh the features that are provided with each of these machines in order to identify which one most closely fits your business needs. From mono copiers to multi-functional models, these devices come in all different shapes and sizes, which means that you can find options to fit any budget.

Mono and Color Copiers

A mono copier is one that is designed to copy in a single color, which is typically black, producing grayscale reproductions. Monochrome copiers can range wildly in both form and function as some are designed for minimal usage while others are meant to allow for the printing of up to 100 pages every minute. Color copiers are outfitted with technology that allows them to copy both black and color documents. The toner cartridges included with these copiers come in cyan, black, magenta and yellow. This wide range that allows for the creation of all colors.

Network and Desktop Copiers

Network copiers are machines that can connect to the network in your office, providing you and others in your office with the ability to print documents remotely, scan to a variety of devices or email addresses and fax documents. They are usually built to automatically include a network card within the device for additional convenience. As for desktop copiers, these machines are smaller in nature and are meant specifically to be kept on an office desk so as to provide employees with easy access. These devices are compatible with paper sizes of A4 and smaller.

Multi-functional Copier Machines

These are among the most common copier types, as they are designed with a variety of tasks in mind along with copying, including printing, scanning and faxing. Many of them are equipped with internet access and will connect to an office network. It’s possible to find multi-functional machines that allow you to add a variety of finishes to your documents. If the copier you choose starts to malfunction, make sure to request copy machine service before the problems worsen.

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Preventing Malfunctions of Your Office Printer


Professional Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services for Your Office Printer

The copier machine in your office serves an important role in your company’s daily operations. When it no longer works properly, you and your staff may be unable to carry out critical duties upon which your clients rely. When you call professional print services in Las Vegas, you’ll find they can effectively handle common issues with printers and copiers and get you back in business quickly.

Blank Copies

When your copier puts out blank copies, you might wonder what is going on with this vital piece of office equipment. You know that it has ink and paper in it and expect it to print off copies without any problem. A Las Vegas print repair company can spare you this frustration and diagnose what is wrong with the copier quickly. The issue could stem from the trays or guides being misaligned. It also could be the result of poor quality ink being used in the machine. Once the tech makes the diagnosis, he or she can then repair it in a jiffy.

Paper Jams and Lines on Copies

You also might get frustrated when the paper gets jammed in the machine repeatedly or the copier prints out copies with lines through the middle of them. These common issues are easily remedied, however, when you call a professional print repair service company. Something as simple as dirty document glass or moisture inside of the machine can cause these malfunctions to occur. A trained print service tech can clean off the glass, dry out the moisture or address other malfunctions that are causing copies to get stuck inside the machine or come out with lines on them.

Preventative Maintenance

When you want to avoid the worry, hassle and expense that can come with having your copier repaired, you may want to invest in printer maintenance to keep malfunctions at bay. A professional printer repair service offers preventative maintenance options like printer inspection that will keep your machine running smoothly while saving you money. A technician can come to your office and offer routine services like checking the mechanisms inside the copier. The tech can also clean dirt, dust and other debris from inside the machine and look for other signs of trouble that might prevent the copier from working correctly in the near future. These preventive measures spare you the expense of having to buy a new machine while also allowing you to boost your office’s daily productivity.

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Four Tips for a Problem-free Copier Experience

shutterstock_244876774 (1)

Four Important Habits to Keep Your Copier in Great Shape

Whether you lease or buy your business machines, it behooves you to keep them in great shape. Regular maintenance can stave off those big copier malfunctions, but the average copier repair in Las Vegas is required because of the manner in which the machine was used. There are four habits in particular that you can institute to avoid the most common needs for a copier repair technician at your office.

Make Your Copier a Drink-Free Zone

Put up a sign in your copier area that reads something along the lines of no food or drink allowed. Coffee is perhaps the biggest culprit here, and local service providers deal with dozens of service calls a month that are coffee-spill-related. A spill is at best a productivity killer while the machine is cleaned, and at worst, it can short circuit boards and cause other serious issues.

Remove Jewelry While Cleaning and Correcting Paper Jams

The particular concern here is diamonds on rings and perhaps bracelets. Copiers have internal glass and mirrors, and when you fix a paper jam, you can scratch these surfaces. All it takes is a small imperfection. Then, the machine will have to be recalibrated at least, and most likely, it will be necessary to replace the pane that was scratched. If possible, leave all cleaning, maintenance, and fixes to a trained professional.

Close Paper Trays with Hands Only

Broken and misaligned paper trays are a common issue, and most of these troubles occur because people use their feet. It’s understandable. These trays are often close to the ground and people often have their hands full or a wearing clothing that makes it inconvenient to bend over.

Put Only Paper Through the Paper Feeder

Damaged feeders are another common copier issue, and many of these problems occur because a staple or a paper clip was fed through the mechanism. You may consider using a warning sign for this one if it’s a common occurrence, and consider having a staple remover nearby. Attach it to a cord so that it doesn’t walk away.

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