How to Fix the Three Most Common Copy Machine Issues

Copy machines can be among the most frustrating parts of working in an office. This article will tell you the three most common copy machine issues and how you can avoid them.

3 Common Copy Machine Issues

Although copiers seem to have a simple function, they can cause endless frustration for office workers. From paper jams to streaks on the paper, it’s no wonder that copy machine issues have been satirized on television shows and movies like “The Office” or “Office Space.” This article will highlight the three most common copier problems and what can be done to avoid them.

Lines on Printer Paper

Streaks on paper that comes from the copier can come from dirt and dust on the scanner mirrors, a malfunctioning developer or drum unit, a malfunctioning drum blade, or problems with the fusers.

Get rid of dirt and grime on the scanner mirrors by cleaning them. Make sure you follow the directions set by the copier manufacturer. The other issues would involve replacing the fusers, drum blade, drum or developer unit. This can be done by contacting a copy machine repair service.

Cartridges and Toners

Issues can occur if your printing toner is empty, low or damaged. Empty and low toner cartridges can be remedied with a simple replacement. If it isn’t working, one of two problems could be occurring. The first potential issue could be an error on the part of the manufacturer. The second issue that might cause problems is an incompatible cartridge. Most printers require you to use a certain toner. Using a different type could result in inferior printing quality. If you find that you put an incompatible toner cartridge in your printer, local printing services in Las Vegas can help you with cartridge recycling.

Spots on the Printer Pages

When spots ruin an otherwise perfect copy, it is most likely due to dirt on the scanner mirrors. Cleaning them can correct the situation. However, if the spots occur on random places on the page, it may be a problem with the drum. Changing the drums is the proper solution to this issue.

While minor issues can be handled by the office manager, you should leave more difficult repairs to the professionals. A local company not only addresses the printer issue quickly, but they can also tell you how to avoid the problem in the future.

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How to Prevent Paper Jams

Paper jams are caused by a number of reasons beyond just improper loading, and each jam results in lost work time and potentially expensive repair costs.

Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams

Paper jams are a leading cause of copier repair in Las Vegas. An occasional paper jam is to be expected when dealing with large copier and printer volumes, but chronic paper jams are more than just annoyances and can result in a significant loss of productivity as well as substantial repair costs.

Paper Loading and Overfilling

Many offices assign the responsibility to a single person or a small group of people in order to avoid improper loading. The process isn’t difficult by any means, but it does demand some attention to detail. Ensure that the paper is clean and uniform, and discard any sheets that aren’t uniform. Perhaps the most common mistake people make is overfilling the paper tray. As a rule of thumb, only fill a paper tray to the two-thirds mark, which will lessen strain on the separation pad.

Paper Choice and Storage

Paper choice does matter. You obviously need a size that the copier supports, but you also want to avoid brands that are prone to irregularities. Another common problem area is storage. Humidity can actually make paper more likely to cause a jam even though the paper may look fine to the naked eye. If humidity is a problem, you may need to store the paper with a dehumidifier.

Toner Fit and Quality

A toner cartridge with an uneven edge can also result in frequent paper jams. You don’t necessarily have to avoid discount cartridges, but you should ensure that the casing is sealed and provides a tight, even fit. Refilling cartridges is also a concern because you have to be very careful not to alter the surface.

Sensor Damage and Other Hardware Issues

If you’re certain that paper, toner cartridges and technique aren’t a problem but you’re still experiencing chronic paper jams, then the issue may be hardware-related. Gunk may be the culprit if the machine hasn’t been cleaned in a while, and common hardware failures that can result in chronic paper jams are damaged input and exit sensors. At this point, you may need to call in a professional.

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The Best Ways to Keep Printing Equipment in Top Shape

To ensure the longevity of your office’s printing and copying equipment, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Printing Equipment

If your office is stocked with high-quality printing and copying equipment, you want it to last. All too often, however, copiers break and printers go on the fritz. There are a number of simple ways to ensure the longevity of your printers and copiers, and they are easy to institute in any office environment.

Keep Things Clean

It’s always important to operate your printing and copying equipment in a clean, tidy environment. They should be placed in an area of the office that is convenient but low in traffic, and they should be far away from plants and food. The equipment should be cleaned on the regular, and any adjacent windows should be kept closed. Unwanted dust and dirt can be detrimental to the functionality of the equipment and to print quality.

Always Use High-Quality Paper

If you have high-quality office equipment, using high-quality paper is a must. Check with the equipment’s manufacturer to see if they recommend a specific brand or type of paper. If you use low-quality paper that’s incompatible with your equipment, it can lead to paper jams, reduced print quality, and more. Using the wrong supplies can reduce the lifespan of even the best printers and copiers. To ensure you’re always using the right materials, consider enlisting the help of managed print services in Las Vegas.

Training Is Key

If there are a number of people using the copiers and printers in your office, make sure they know how to use the equipment. Many copier and printing malfunctions are due to user error, and training office workers in the best ways to use the equipment will oftentimes extend its lifespan. Give everyone who uses the printing equipment a how-to guide, and make sure the user’s manual is always near the equipment.

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When Your Copier Is Not Working, Neither Is Your Office Personnel

When your office copier breaks down, your office production levels drop. It is important to keep your copier repaired so business does not stop.

A Broken Copier Can Stop Productivity

If your business depends on its copy machine to print important documents, it is important that you keep it well maintained. Having your machine out of order for three or four hours while you are waiting for the copy machine service tech to arrive and complete the repairs could cost your company a significant amount of business. To avoid this type of situation from occurring, it is recommended that you perform preventative maintenance on your copiers so that they continue to run when you need them most.

Streaks, Spots, and Light Copy Areas

One of the most common complaints about an office copy machine is the quality of the prints. Without notice, streaks, spots, or blank areas can appear on the copies, making the documents useless. This generally occurs when the toner developer is no longer in quality condition. A copier tech can easily fix this issue. Changing the developer and checking all of the moving parts inside of the copier is a standard part of the routine maintenance that is performed on the machine.

Continual Paper Jams in the Machine

Another common cause for service is when the machine continually jams the paper. Before calling a tech, check the paper that is in the machine. Sometimes the glue used on the wrappers will get on the paper and make them jam in the machine. Fanning the paper before placing it in the machine can eliminate this issue. Also, always try to put the paper in the machine face up. If you look at the wrappers of most paper reams, there will be an arrow indicating which side of the paper should face up. This is less of an issue, but it may help. If neither of these tips solves the problem, you may need a repair tech to come and check your rollers and other moving parts to see if something is broken.

When your copier runs well, so does your office. To avoid emergency repairs, always schedule preventative maintenance on the machine to keep it working properly.

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Losing Time Due to Office Repairs and Maintenance Can Be Costly

shutterstock_212765824 (1)
In the business world, time definitely is money. When something in the office breaks down or needs maintenance, you could be spending a great deal of cash from lack of productivity as well as the maintenance expenses.

Ways to Reduce Lost Time in Office Maintenance

Time is one of the most wasted attribute in almost any business dynamic. From employee downtime to those arriving late, your company needs employees working their set schedules. Every minute that someone is not being productive is money coming out of your organization. However, there are ways you can reduce these losses by making a few changes in your business procedures.

Managed Services

Managed service organizations can maintain everything from computer networks to print services in Las Vegas. Usually, these third-party companies monitor your hardware and will take the time to perform routine maintenance. This has potential to greatly reduce prolonged employee downtime. This could also eliminate the need for in-house professionals depending on the size of your organization. For less than what you’d pay a full-time employee, managed service providers can keep your organization operational and cost efficient.

Backup Batteries

Backup batteries can save on downtime by providing preventative measures. If there is a brownout within your building, damage could be caused to virtually any electronic device plugged in. Computer systems will often blow a power supply when something like this occurs. Although these units are usually inexpensive and easy to replace, the downtime from employees could range in the hundreds of dollars. Of course this is also dependent on how long the device is down. Many battery backups regulate the flow of power decreasing the risk to electronics.

After Hours Repairs and Maintenance

When repairs and maintenance on devices are needed, performing these operations after hours can prevent further downtime from employees. For example, new electrical wiring may require entire rooms to be void of power. If your employees rely on computers in Las Vegas to perform their tasks, these repairs could be a waste of a work day. By scheduling repairs and maintenance after hours, you can reduce the impact on workers when construction or other intrusive services are required. Unfortunately, not all emergency repairs can be done according to a schedule. However, doing as much as possible when employees are away from their workstations can reduce lost productivity.

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