Signs That Your Copier Should Be Repaired by a Repair Service Company


Signs That You Should Hire a Copier Repair Service Company

When the copier in your office stops working properly, the entire workflow of the office can screech to a halt. With most copiers, there will be warning signs that indicate that you should hire a repair service company now instead of waiting until the problems multiply. There are many signs that point towards a copier failing, each of which you should look out for when using the machine. Once you have noticed one or more of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a company that can provide services for copier repair in Las Vegas.

Call for Service Indicator

When a copier stops working as it should, one of the more noticeable signs that it should be repaired by a copier repair company is if there is a “call for service” indicator displayed on the small LCD screen of the device. This is among the easiest signs to identify and usually points towards the possibility of an imminent failure with the machine. While some copier issues can be corrected without the assistance of a repair company, it’s also possible that you can make the problem worse, which will only serve to cost you more money in the end.

Print and Copy Issues

The pages you print or copy can tell you that something is wrong in a variety of ways, although you will have to be looking for these issues to see them. If the pages that are produced from your copier consist of streaks or lengthy black lines across the page, this is a sign that some major repair work could be necessary. If you copy a document and the page comes out blank, this is another common sign that something needs to be repaired. Make sure that there are no letters or symbols missing from the pages as well.

Lengthy Wait Times

Office copiers will usually take 1-2 minutes to boot up and allow you to start copying or printing documents. If you are waiting for upwards of five minutes as of late, this could indicate that the device is on its last legs.

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Are Printer Service Contracts Cost-Effective?


Pay as You Go or Copier Service Contracts?

As much as we strive to become a paperless nation, printers and copiers are indispensable to almost every business or organization. Modern copy machines that handle a multitude of tasks can be a big investment. Rather than deal with the frustration of having your most essential piece of office equipment break down at an inopportune moment, consider getting a copy machine service contract as a hedge against inefficiency. Before deciding if this option is good for your company, there are several things to think about.

Do You Own or Lease Your Office Equipment?

Leased equipment usually comes with an option to add managed print service. The reasons to exercise this option are many and include:

• Decreased downtime

• Reduced overall maintenance cost

• Budget compliance

• Lower overhead

If you own your equipment, technical considerations become even more expensive. All repairs and maintenance are your responsibility. That means time wasted hunting for a printer repair shop and lost productivity while your copier is down. When you have time-sensitive materials to process, the ultimate cost to your business can climb even higher.

What Is Your Average Output Capacity?

Organizations that do very little copying or printing don’t need to worry so much about copier servicing. However, that leaves out all but the smallest businesses. Printing is the third largest expense for most companies, even at a relatively low capacity like 3,000 copies per month. That puts wear on your printer and means more need for replacing toners and ink cartridges. A service contract can be tailored to anticipate your usage based on your history or an average of similar companies to make sure you have the supplies and accessories you need when you need them. Many contracts also include technology upgrades and replacement parts.

Think of Maintenance Contracts as Insurance

You pay into health or auto insurance as a hedge against an expensive medical procedure or auto repair. Printer repair contracts are much the same. Your printer may work just fine for a few months, but some components can cost nearly as much to replace as the cost of a new copy machine. Preventative servicing helps prevent that.

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Managed Print Services Are a Good Bet


How Managed Printing Services Can Benefit Your Business

Next to payroll and office space, buying or leasing office equipment is the biggest expense. You can reduce your overhead by finding a company that offers managed print services in Las Vegas. If you’re not sure what these services entail or whether they’re worth the monthly expenditure, read on to learn more.

What Is Managed Printing Service?

The name might imply that you’re outsourcing your printing and copy needs to an outside print company. However, a managed copier service contract relates to preventative maintenance. It provides a budget-friendly way to ensure that your printers and copy machines are running at peak mechanical efficiency while spotting potential issues before they become a problem.

How Managed Print Service Is a Worthy Investment

Office systems supply companies typically offer managed maintenance plans as part of your lease agreement or as a stand-alone contract when you buy new equipment. They can also provide this service even if you didn’t obtain your office equipment from them. Such agreements offer a high level of cost-efficiency by anticipating your company’s needs and making sure that you always have the ability to function. You’ll also be able to spread the cost of repairs or replacement parts over a period of time instead of coming out of pocket all at once. When you think about all of the times that your office has come to a standstill due to broken or malfunctioning equipment, you can see the benefit of having a service department on-call.

What Does a Service Contract Cover?

Although specific services can vary from contract to contract or from one company to another, there are some standard features common to almost all managed service agreements. Via remote monitoring, your service provider will be able to track your usage and anticipate when you need vital components like toner. Contractors arrange to replace wearable parts like rollers on a schedule to reduce business disruptions; they can even receive alerts when a problem occurs and dispatch a repair technician right away. You’ll also find the reporting and analysis functions very convenient when it comes to budgeting.

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What to Look for When Buying a New Copier


Key Features That You Should Consider in a New Copier

If you run a business, you already know the importance of a reliable copier. Unfortunately, copiers don’t last forever. Like any other device, you’ll have to invest in a new copier eventually. However, most people don’t buy copiers on a regular basis. This makes it hard to know what to look for while shopping around. Knowing the three features that matter the most can guide you through the purchasing process.

Copy Speed

The whole point of a copier is to copy documents. While most copiers get this job done with little issue, some are faster at doing it than others. If you’re buying a copier for your home, the speed won’t matter much. For business use, however, the copy speed is a key feature to consider. This speed also goes hand in hand with copy volume, which is another important feature to consider. Keep in mind that a printer that 10 people share might print an average of 45 pages per minute.

Network Connectivity

If you run a business, you likely have an office network. You want to focus on copiers that will easily integrate into that network. Buying one with network connectivity ensures that everyone in your office can connect to the device. In general, most medium to large copiers come with some kind of network functionality.


You need to choose a copier that’s good but is also affordable. Generally, more expensive copiers last longer and require fewer copier repairs in Las Vegas. Don’t just consider the price of the unit but also the price of the toner that you have to buy to photocopy documents. Keeping price in mind ensures that you get a copier that meets your needs and remains within your budget.

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Maintaining an Appealing Office Space


Ways to Create a Cohesive Workspace

There are many people who admit that they can’t cook in a dirty kitchen. Even if they’re absolutely exhausted, they have to clean the kitchen first and start from a clean, fresh palate. It’s about the full experience. The same concept is easy to apply in the workplace. If a place is unkempt, unsightly and depressing to look at, it’ll leave employees feeling less than inspired to work. To change that trajectory and increase workplace productivity, consider these tips for creating a cohesive workspace.


Implement systems for everything. The kitchen supplies in the break room should be fully stocked and accounted for. There should be an efficient system to manage the paper and recycling process. When everything is in disarray, it can take a toll on a person’s psyche. When an environment is clean, neat and organized, it’s a lot easier for an employee to focus their attention on the work and become productive.


As you work towards improving the organization of the daily operations, don’t forget to put an emphasis on efficiency. Work toward making physical plant improvements. Look at the office equipment and furniture. Get rid of the bulky file cabinet in the corner. Scan the documents into digital files and shred the hard copies. In many cases, when something breaks down and hasn’t been fixed, people learn to work around it. If you have a copier machine that’s been broken for months, hire a copy machine service to fix the broken machine. When a company runs efficiently, the people are intentional about trimming the fat.


There are times when terrible florescent lighting and drab cubicles are enough to drive an employee crazy. Consider hiring an interior designer to give the place a facelift. Start with simple tasks like painting the walls and opening the blinds. Adding natural light to the space can do wonders for a person’s morale and workplace productivity.

As you implement these tips, take note of the differences they make in the employees. Even though these are specific tips, understand that the process is an ever-evolving one. There are so many ways to create a space that inspires and invokes productivity in your workers. As you continue to work on being an excellent boss/manager, continue to make physical plant improvements that’ll enhance the workplace experience for years to come.

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