Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Office Equipment


Choosing Between Repairing and Replacing Office Equipment

There may come a time when a copier fails to produce quality images or when an office computer fails to boot up in a timely manner. At this point, you have to decide whether to repair what ails it or get a new item altogether. In some cases, it may be easier to replace an older machine as opposed to repairing it regularly. However, if the machine is relatively new or has an easy problem to fix, it may be worth repairing instead.

How Old Is the Item?

A printer that you bought last year may have a useful life of several more years to come. Therefore, it may be less expensive to repair it as opposed to buying a new one. The only exception would be if the object were a lemon. In that scenario, you may be entitled to a free replacement from the manufacturer.

How Much Are the Repairs?

The amount of the repairs in question could determine whether you go through with them instead of buying a new item. For instance, if the cost of fixing your printer is more than buying a new one, you would generally be better off buying a new one. The same is true of your copiers or other major productivity products.

Service Packages Can Keep Repair Costs Down

As a general rule, it is easier to pay for preventative maintenance than it is to conduct major repairs after something breaks. Working with a firm that provides printer services in Las Vegas may make it easier to keep yours running smoothly for many years to come. You may also be able to get fresh ink or other supplies as necessary at an affordable price.

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Knowing When it’s Time to Get Copier Repairs


Three Major Copier Problems That Require a Professional

Copiers will experience malfunctions even if you are as gentle as possible. The main reason for this is that there are numerous moving parts and sometimes one part might move too slowly or too quickly. This typically results in a minor jam or printing error that can be corrected in a few seconds. Sometimes the problems are more serious than that. These are three instances when you should leave the work to a professional.

Excessive Toner Usage

If you are quickly running out of toner but aren’t making more copies than usual, then this can be a big problem. This means that the toner is going elsewhere than on the paper and it may be collecting on important mechanisms within the copier. As it builds up, the toner will clog the pathway and lead to excessive jams.

Copier repairs in Las Vegas are needed before this gets too bad. Sometimes this is just a faulty toner cartridge. Try changing the cartridge to see if that fixes it. If not, then you need a professional.

Strange Noises

Most copiers are quiet, but now the machine is making a rumbling or loud squeaking noise. Any strange noises should raise alarm bells in your head. Try clearing the pathway and see if there are any jams or obvious problems that can be cleared.

Strange noises typically indicate that something is broken or not moving properly, which can eventually lead to even worse problems. A professional can clear the issue before there is permanent damage.

Excessive Jams or Feeding Errors

Jams and feeding errors are common copier issues and they can usually be fixed without any outside help. If this happens every time you try to print, then it’s cause for alarm. This could indicate a problem with the feeding gears or belts, or an issue with the internal drum. A professional will get your copier back to working order.

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Print Services Can Help You With Guerilla Marketing


How to Make Guerilla Marketing Work for You

Savvy business owners know that it’s important to get creative with marketing campaigns. Hard-sell tactics aren’t reliable when it comes to today’s sophisticated consumers. Guerilla marketing that relies upon flyers, stickers and posters can be far more effective than expensive campaigns that rely upon newspaper ad buys and TV spots. Managed print services in Las Vegas can help you plan and execute your guerilla marketing campaign.

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing refers to unconventional promotional strategies that snag potential customers’ attention because those customers have never seen anything quite like those strategies before. This type of marketing is really great at creating brand awareness. Many guerilla marketing techniques cost far less than conventional promotional tactics, so they’re good for your business’s bottom line as well.

Posters and Guerilla Marketing

Anyone who’s ever spent time in a big city is familiar with posters advertising bands and other live events. Printed posters can be used to advertise businesses, too. Prospective customers won’t have as many mental barriers in place as they may have when they’re looking at more conventional ads because they’ll view these posters as a type of street art. The only downside to this approach is that you must count on replacing these posters fairly frequently.


Not only are stickers a quick and easy way to create buzz about your company, but they’re also a cue that your business is cool. They don’t have to give out a lot of information about your business; their purpose is to create visual interest and a threshold level of buzz. Always include your website’s URL on your sticker so that people who see it can look your website up on their smartphones. Give your stickers out everywhere you go. Bumper stickers are a particularly effective form of guerilla marketing.

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Many Copier Fixes Will Be Done Remotely in the Not-So-Distant Future


How Remote Copier Repair Is Becoming Possible

The common copy machine repair Las Vegas that offices require may soon be a thing of the past. This is because modern copiers and other business machines will contain smart components. These smart parts will communicate with the cloud to diagnose, calibrate and even trigger redundancies, and this will change copier repair in the business world.

Diagnosing Performance Issues

One way that remote services will allow copy machines to be maintained remotely is through automated diagnosis. Smart parts either locally or through the cloud will be able to detect parameters outside of acceptable thresholds and self-correct. Some parts will even have small servos so that alignment, for instance, can be optimized. The cloud can also be used to compare behavior to that same part in other machines.

Integrated Redundancies

In business environments where print services are critical, copiers will have redundancies in place. A machine can have two or more of a critical part, for instance. When one critical part fails or is detected to be operating out of bounds, the redundancy can kick in. This will not eliminate the need for an on-site hands-on repair, but it will prevent disruption of operations and allow the repair to be performed at a time most convenient to the business.

Automated Maintenance

Automated maintenance is already a reality and quickly becoming more sophisticated. Again, this doesn’t eliminate hands-on maintenance altogether, but it does reduce costs as well as the frequency at which a technician has to visit the office. Such maintenance can include self-cleaning glass, dust removal systems, self-lubricating parts and so on.

Automatic Ordering

These machines will automatically be able to order replacement parts, supplies and so forth in preparation for a physical visit. When the technician arrives, he or she will receive recommendations from the specific machine, which will augment standard maintenance procedures, and have all necessary materials already on hand.

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Greater Productivity Through Remote Printer Services


How Remote Printer Services Are Changing Business

The printer services Las Vegas companies have available to them aren’t limited to the physical offices. Through the Internet, they’re available beyond the local network. This is more than just about queuing print jobs from afar but rather having access to all of the services and resources one would have in the office. The modern printer is usually not a standalone device but an integrated component that encompasses security, privileges and much more.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing allows printing from any Web-connected smartphone, tablet or other portable device. Since everything is cloud-based, these devices only need to have a screen and an input mechanism in order to facilitate remote printing. All of the processing and other requirements are offloaded to the cloud where they’re finalized before being returned.

Real-Time Information Exchange

Information is being exchanged in real-time. Consider a sales representative who finalizes a sale at a client’s site and remotely requests an invoice printing. Within the same time frame, a manager is compiling an order to be sent to a supplier. Through the remote printing hub, this data can be updated in real-time so that the order to the supplier reflects the products just sold to the client.

Document Management

Documents can be tracked, stored and managed direct from these mobile screens as well. Documents with concurrent access can be kept in sync at all times. Employees who create or receive documents while away from the office can check those documents in and give other members of the team immediate access.

Document Security

Document security is also an important consideration, and print services allow for all local security measures to be preserved remotely as well. Privileges—including who, when and where—can be enforced, and when sensitive information is retrieved, edited or written, those who need to know can receive immediate notification through email, SMS or a similar means.

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