Four Home Options for Blocking Sunlight


Sunlight adds natural visibility and comfort to any home or business. The problem with traditional windows is that they provide no way to control how much sunlight enters.

Controlling How Much Sunlight Enters Your Home

Sunlight adds to the beauty, comfort and healthy environment of any home. There can certainly be too much of a good thing, however, and many homeowners deal with excessive sunlight due to large windows, poor widow placement and high window count. No matter the size and shape of your windows and the number your home has, there are options available for dictating how much sunlight enters your home. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of four of the most popular options.


Awnings are a traditional method of blocking sunlight. They are often beautiful but heavily influence the overall aesthetic of a home, which may or may not be a good thing. Awnings usually have long lifespans and provide excellent total cost of ownership. On the downside, they are in a fixed position, which means you have less control.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades are another traditional option for blocking sunlight, and unlike awnings, they are installed inside the home, which provides access that is more convenient. Shades and blinds provide a bit more control as well, but the downside to this approach is that they may need to be adjusted throughout the day as the angle of the sun changes.

Window Film

Window film is a lot like the window tint used on vehicles. An advantage that film has over shades and blinds is that it covers all of the glass, which means that it blocks the same amount of sunlight regardless of the position of the sun. The film is installed directly on the glass in the interior of the home, and a downside to this approach is that it often voids window manufacturer warranties.

Solar Screens

Solar screens in Las Vegas and throughout the country are becoming a popular alternative to tint. They are installed on the exterior of the home, which means that they do not void warranties, and the screen blocks the sunlight before it hits the glass, which can help reduce energy costs. These screens also provide excellent privacy without diminishing visibility for people inside the home.

Buying a Preowned Printer


Multifunction printers are often a considerable expense for small businesses, and buying a used or refurbished model can provide considerable savings.

Preowned Business Printer Buying Advice

Companies that provide print services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas often advise against buying printers with too much wear. Frequent repairs can eat up any savings that the initial purchase may have provided. That does not mean that preowned printers are bad purchases in general, and there are steps you can take to ensure you buy the right machine.

Consider Usage Rather than Age

A three-year-old printer may be essentially brand new while a one-year-old machine may have three times the mileage. Therefore, focus on usage rather than the model year. Nearly all business printers have a built-in counter that is a lot like the odometer in a vehicle. Available information can include pages printed, toner cartridges consumed and so on, and you can compare this data to industry averages, duty cycle according to the manufacturer, fuser life expectancy and so forth.

Examine the Interior of the Machine

Do not make the mistake of buying a printer based on a test print and the look of the exterior. The inside of a machine will tell a story. Get in there with a flashlight. If the area is reasonably clean and does not have any odd smells, then that is indication of a well-maintained printer. Buildup of dust and toner residue is hard to eliminate on short notice, and if that is present, the machine likely was not well maintained.

Hire a Technician to Inspect the Printer

If you are spending more than a couple of hundred dollars, then it is worthwhile to hire a technician before you agree to the deal. Many area printer services will provide a technician for this purpose, and he or she can give you a technical appraisal of workload, condition and other factors.

Purchase a Manufacturer Warranty

Many manufacturers do sell warranties on preowned business machines, and they may provide the technical inspection mentioned above as part of the process. Another option is to sign a service agreement with a local printer service company. A quote from several services should give you a clear picture of how professionals view the long-term viability of the printer you are considering.

How to Save Money and Make Your Office Run More Efficiently


Saving money is a goal for many office managers. Find out some simple ways you can save money at the same time that you increase efficiency.

Increase Efficiency and Save Money at Work

Many workers feel like their office is their home away from home. It is where they spend 40 or more hours every week. The longer you spend in that office though, the less efficient you might become, which will leave you wasting time and wasting money. Look at some simple tips that can increase efficiency among all employees in your workplace and help you save money too.

Start a Recycling Program

A recycling program can reduce the amount of waste your office produces and the amount of garbage your workplace sends to the local landfill every year. Some of these programs can help you make or save money too. You might get tax incentives for implementing a new program, or you might sign up for a service that pays you money for the paper and other materials that you recycle every day. Look into local companies that help you recycle specific types of items or materials too, including ink and toner cartridges or old computers and electronics.

Take Care of Repairs on the Spot

Many office spaces put off making repairs or replacing broken electronics until it is too later. Ignoring that beeping sound coming from your printer may result in your employer needing to replace the printer instead of spending a small amount to repair it. Copier repair Las Vegas companies can often make repairs to both copiers and printers. When you call to schedule an appointment, a technician will come right to the job site, identify the repair needed and make the repair right on the spot. Those minor repairs will keep employees from wasting time on other floors to print and copy the documents they need too.

Change the Way Your Office Runs

Employees who feel happy will work harder. When you have all the equipment that they need running and in good condition, they will feel happier about their work. Making minor repairs and implementing a recycling program can increase efficiency and save you money too.

The Challenges and Benefits of Mobile Printing


As technology continues to evolve, more organizations are tasked with managing mobile and offsite workers. Managed print services is one way to handle this problem by providing professional, streamlined solutions to handle the challenges of mobile printing.

The Rise of Mobile Printing

As technology continues to evolve and advance, many organizations are experiencing both the benefits and pitfalls of an increasingly mobile workforce. Conducting business on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices is easier than ever before, but having so many employees on the go has resulted in a wide range of challenges when it comes to managing the workflow and logistics of mobile printing.

A Workforce on the Go

Across the United States, millions of people now work full- or part-time outside of a traditional office environment. This includes remote, off-site employees as well as workers who take advantage of tablets and other devices to continue their work during off hours. This creates tremendous flexibility for workers and organizations alike, often leading to increased efficiency and better productivity.

Mobile Printing Challenges

Unfortunately, the proliferation of mobile devices also comes with a unique set of challenges. Many organizations are still based around local printing, and they struggle to adapt to the new technologies and shifting demands of a mobile workforce. Many IT departments are already overworked and lack the time and resources necessary to implement and troubleshoot a fully integrated mobile printing system.

The Advantage of Managed Print Services

One solution to the problem of mobile printing is to rely on managed print services in Las Vegas. Managed printing services work by pulling together all of an organization’s printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs into a single comprehensive, coherent system. These print services specialize in designing and implementing strategies that improve workflow, reduce waste and cut down unnecessary costs, as well as providing technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance and other services. As the mobile revolution continues, managed print services will continue to be an integral service for organizations of any size.

When Is It Time to Call in an Expert to Fix Your Copier?

shutterstock_62391784 (1)
Sometimes office employees can deal with copier issues on their own. Sometimes, though, these issues need to be solved professionally.

When Should You Have an Expert Fix Your Copier?

For many people who work in offices in the Las Vegas area, printers exist quietly in the background, humbly helping us get through the day. That is, until they break. A broken printer can cause a backup in office tasks, and in some cases, it can lead to a substantial loss of revenue for your company.

If you don’t know much about printers and copiers, it can be foolish and costly to try to repair it yourself. You may initially want to avoid the cost of a professional, but calling a professional copy machine service can actually help your office get up and moving painlessly and quickly.

Below are a few scenarios that are common when you have an office copier.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are, unfortunately, part of life for anyone with a copier. In addition, most modern copiers will use blinking lights or touchscreen dialogue to point out where paper is stuck. This is something that will happen occasionally. However, if it becomes a pattern, or if it only happens on certain settings (some older copiers will almost always jam when asked to staple copies), it may be time for a diagnostic visit from a professional team.

A diagnostic visit may be able to help you identify issues with your office copier before they become unfixable. Additionally, it can help with efficiency, so your office can get more done.

Lines on Copied Pages

Having lines on pages you copy can be distracting, and it can look unprofessional. Check printing and scanning surfaces for marks or smudges. If you remove these and the issue persists, it may be time to call in a professional. Letting this issue continue on can make your company look unprofessional.

In short, copiers make things run smoothly, but they also can wreak havoc when they malfunction. Calling in an expert can help get your copier back in top shape.