Preventing Malfunctions of Your Office Printer


Professional Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services for Your Office Printer

The copier machine in your office serves an important role in your company’s daily operations. When it no longer works properly, you and your staff may be unable to carry out critical duties upon which your clients rely. When you call professional print services in Las Vegas, you’ll find they can effectively handle common issues with printers and copiers and get you back in business quickly.

Blank Copies

When your copier puts out blank copies, you might wonder what is going on with this vital piece of office equipment. You know that it has ink and paper in it and expect it to print off copies without any problem. A Las Vegas print repair company can spare you this frustration and diagnose what is wrong with the copier quickly. The issue could stem from the trays or guides being misaligned. It also could be the result of poor quality ink being used in the machine. Once the tech makes the diagnosis, he or she can then repair it in a jiffy.

Paper Jams and Lines on Copies

You also might get frustrated when the paper gets jammed in the machine repeatedly or the copier prints out copies with lines through the middle of them. These common issues are easily remedied, however, when you call a professional print repair service company. Something as simple as dirty document glass or moisture inside of the machine can cause these malfunctions to occur. A trained print service tech can clean off the glass, dry out the moisture or address other malfunctions that are causing copies to get stuck inside the machine or come out with lines on them.

Preventative Maintenance

When you want to avoid the worry, hassle and expense that can come with having your copier repaired, you may want to invest in printer maintenance to keep malfunctions at bay. A professional printer repair service offers preventative maintenance options like printer inspection that will keep your machine running smoothly while saving you money. A technician can come to your office and offer routine services like checking the mechanisms inside the copier. The tech can also clean dirt, dust and other debris from inside the machine and look for other signs of trouble that might prevent the copier from working correctly in the near future. These preventive measures spare you the expense of having to buy a new machine while also allowing you to boost your office’s daily productivity.

Four Tips for a Problem-free Copier Experience

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Four Important Habits to Keep Your Copier in Great Shape

Whether you lease or buy your business machines, it behooves you to keep them in great shape. Regular maintenance can stave off those big copier malfunctions, but the average copier repair in Las Vegas is required because of the manner in which the machine was used. There are four habits in particular that you can institute to avoid the most common needs for a copier repair technician at your office.

Make Your Copier a Drink-Free Zone

Put up a sign in your copier area that reads something along the lines of no food or drink allowed. Coffee is perhaps the biggest culprit here, and local service providers deal with dozens of service calls a month that are coffee-spill-related. A spill is at best a productivity killer while the machine is cleaned, and at worst, it can short circuit boards and cause other serious issues.

Remove Jewelry While Cleaning and Correcting Paper Jams

The particular concern here is diamonds on rings and perhaps bracelets. Copiers have internal glass and mirrors, and when you fix a paper jam, you can scratch these surfaces. All it takes is a small imperfection. Then, the machine will have to be recalibrated at least, and most likely, it will be necessary to replace the pane that was scratched. If possible, leave all cleaning, maintenance, and fixes to a trained professional.

Close Paper Trays with Hands Only

Broken and misaligned paper trays are a common issue, and most of these troubles occur because people use their feet. It’s understandable. These trays are often close to the ground and people often have their hands full or a wearing clothing that makes it inconvenient to bend over.

Put Only Paper Through the Paper Feeder

Damaged feeders are another common copier issue, and many of these problems occur because a staple or a paper clip was fed through the mechanism. You may consider using a warning sign for this one if it’s a common occurrence, and consider having a staple remover nearby. Attach it to a cord so that it doesn’t walk away.

How Gamification Is Improving Managed Print Services


Hitting Sustainability Goals Through Gamification

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the managed print services Las Vegas businesses have available to them is efficiency. Companies of all sizes can boost productivity while streamlining and accurately forecasting operational costs. There can be a disconnect between the MPS approach and the people who use the system, and gamification is one solution proving to be highly effective for many MPS providers and consumers.

Provide Awareness

The greatest step that many employers can take is involving employees, vendors and other users in the process. If employees don’t know what your print budget is or why what they’re doing isn’t sustainable, then you make the path to change more arduous. Even sending out a monthly memo with weekly updates providing employees a concept of the challenges you face is better than unawareness.

Define Goals and Recognize Achievements

Know what your goals are for each month. Be aware of them in advance, and involve users in that process. Their feedback can be invaluable, and involving them makes them feel more invested in what’s transpiring. Break goals down on an individual basis. If your goal is to reduce costs by $100 this month and you have 10 users, then each person can work toward the individual $10 objective. People who achieve their goals should be recognized, and there should be special achievements for those who excel.

Give Real-Time Feedback

The best kind of awareness is immediate awareness. Companies like Xerox have recognized this and introduced real-time reporting on an individual basis. An employee who has a goal to stay within a $50 print budget this week can receive immediate feedback about how much a particular job costs, how much of the budget was consumed, how much remains and so forth.

Employ Desktop and Mobile Tools

The game angle isn’t just about structured goals but having fun too. Even a small amount of enjoyment can help relieve the stress that can come with goals like these. Awareness tools can be available from desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices. They cannot only provide the real-time feedback mentioned but help users plan to meet their goals. This platform also provides more opportunities for contest activities, such as leader boards, trophies and so forth.

3 Reasons You Need a Copier [Infographic]

Even in the digital age when many companies are paperless, it’s still a good idea to have a copier for many reasons. It is almost impossible to completely digitize your office. Legal documents are usually harder to digitize and if you are working with other companies that are not completely digitized, you might still need to hold onto hard copies of some documents. Keep reading to find out why.



Useful Security Features That Most Modern Copiers Possess


Taking Advantage of User Authentication and Other Copier Security Features

Modern copy machine services are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. The modern MPS technician is often as much an IT professional as copier repair person. These technicians can even help set up the security features that manufacturers are building into their multifunction business machines. These tools help make your data more secure.

User Authentication

User authentication is a feature through which each supported user has a unique identifier, which the machine uses to identify them. Large companies may have a sophisticated user ID system into which their copiers can be integrated. However, even small offices can take advantage of this feature either through local support or cloud-based services. A powerful benefit of user authentication is knowing when and how an employee is using a particular machine.

Access Privileges

User authentication also facilitates access privileges. Another name for this feature is access control, and it means that you can determine not only who uses your copiers but how. A sales associate may have the access to print out receipts, but a sales manager may have the access to print out vouchers and other valuable and sensitive documents. Such control lowers costs because it reduces the need to possess different hardware for different applications.

Secured Printing

Secured printing is a powerful tool through which credentials can be assigned to a document or even all documents within a classification. When a user requests a copy, the machine uses the ID and the privileges to determine if the necessary credentials are met. If so, the copy is printed, and if not, the feature remains grayed out. The power of this feature is that it allows for access privileges localized to the data rather than having to be supported directly by the machine.

Notification of Usage

In an earlier example, a sales manager was given the privilege to print out vouchers that customers could use for future purchases. You may need a higher-level manager to be notified whenever such a voucher is printed so that it can be reviewed. Push notification support lets you hook into any particular privilege or document classification in order to be notified accordingly.