Three Reasons Why You Need a Copier


Three Reasons Why a Copier Is Essential

Even in this day and age, when some offices are fully or partially paperless, having a copier is still essential for several different reasons. A large number of documents are still hard copy, and it is almost impossible to completely digitize your office. Legal documents, especially, are usually hard copy. Of course, these are the most important documents, so you need to make sure you have these in the proper format. Even if the main documents are digital, is always a good idea to have a hard-copy backup in case your computer crashes. Also, even if your office is digitized, there’s a good chance that you’ll be working with people who have not digitized other documents. To learn more about why you should still have a copier in your office, read on.

Legal Documents

Legal documents, especially contracts that must be signed, are almost always in hard copy. There are usually digital copies of these documents, but the primary documents even in this day and age are hard copies. If you’re going to digitize these documents or make paper copies, you’ll need a copier. Even if these are the only documents that you use a copier for, they are the most important documents your business has to deal with, so it is still worth getting a copier for this reason.

Hard-Copy Backups

Even if your office has gone paperless and digitized all its essential documents, it is still a good idea to have hard-copy backups. This is important in case your computers crash or network goes down, or you get hacked. All of these eventualities are very real possibilities and do happen to businesses on a regular basis. If you don’t have hard-copy backups when this happens, your business will be in a lot of trouble. If your copier goes down, you’ll only need to get a copier repair in Las Vegas.

Non-Digitized Offices

While some offices have digitized documents, there are many that do not. Even in this day and age, many offices still use primarily hard-copy documents. If you are working with companies that use hard-copy documents, you may have to use hard-copy documents yourself. For example, if you meet them in person, you’ll have to hand them hard copies of the relevant documents.

Achieving Better Document Security with MPS

The managed print services Las Vegas businesses have access to is about expanding the printing infrastructure. A managed print service is more than just printers. It’s about every aspect of printing, and that includes enhanced document security. Ease of access is an important reason that many organizations integrate a managed print service into their IT infrastructures, but perhaps access control is the more important reason. It lets businesses achieve security and compliance at all endpoints.

Integration without Disruption

Modern approaches to managed print services are designed to be integrated with minimal disruptions. Managed print services embrace modern standards for authentication, encryption, virus protection and so forth. This industry standardization greatly simplifies the initial integration. It also makes them able to accommodate your network as it evolves.

Single Point of Contact

Managed print services allow for clearer accountability but also a single point of contact. Almost all documents these days are created digitally. Even those created off-site are transmitted on-site in a digital manner. There’s not even a need to use USB flash drives or even have a printer hold a document in memory. All documents are inevitably accessed from a single point of contact and can even be transmitted to the printer in a way that makes the document unusable for any purposes other than the permitted current one.

Protect Business Ideas and Information

Another important advantage of MPS integration is the ability to expand on user privilege. Consider a scenario in which an employee leaves a sensitive document in the memory of a community printer. In a traditional scenario, that document is no longer secure. In an IT environment, that document has an access level assigned to it and will not be displayed, printed or in any way manipulated unless the requesting user has the appropriate privileges.

Audit and Analyze

A managed print service also provides you audit and analytical services, which can be automated or performed on demand. These processes can notify you of at-risk situations or be used to gather needed information in the wake of a breach. Analytics help you tighten information security by giving you an understanding of how your users drive document output. Knowing what, when and how users are printing documents can ultimately enhance security across the board.

Three Tips for Maintaining Copiers

Copiers are some of the most expensive pieces of office equipment. It is vital that they be treated and maintained properly so that they work more efficiently and last longer. There are several simple tips you and your employees can follow to prevent needing to buy a new copier. These tips include maintaining the copier properly, using the right paper, and using the right ink. These may seem like simple, common-sense tips. However, most office workers do not follow these tips and many copiers fail well before their expected lifespan.

Ensure Routine Maintenance is Performed for Copiers

Every copier requires a certain amount of routine maintenance. How much maintenance depends on the make and model. The recommended maintenance intervals can be found in the owner’s manual. Many people do not even read the owner’s manual, and if they do they don’t follow the recommended intervals. Even some that do attempt maintenance at the recommended intervals try to manage it themselves. This is not a good idea. You should hire professional copier repair Las Vegas people to carry out the service properly.

Use the Right Paper

Many people do not listen to the copier’s manufacturer when they say to use only the paper specified in the copier manual. The manual usually specifies a certain weight of paper. Many different brands are acceptable, but copiers work better with the right weight of paper. Paper that is not within the range of acceptable weights may clog up the copier, which will reduce the life of the parts. It may even break the parts if it is a particularly bad jam. Using the correct paper can double the copier’s life.

Use the Right Ink

Using the right ink may be even more important than using the right paper. A copier’s inkjets are perhaps the most delicate part of the mechanism. They are the most likely part to wear out or break. It is very important that you use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. There are many off-brand and recycled ink cartridges available. They may work for a while, but they will shorten the life of your copier. They may even cause it to break down. In the end, the few bucks that you say from buying off-brand ink is not worth the cost of buying a new copier.

How to Protect Yourself from Junk Faxes

Many copy machines in office settings offer multiple functions, including scanning, copying, printing, and faxing. If your copy machine gets a lot of junk faxes every day, you may be tired of using your business resources to receive and print such items. It’s important to know that your copy machine service technician could help reset your machine and stop those faxes.

What Is Junk Fax?

The Federal Communications Commission defines a junk fax as any unsolicited advertisement that gets sent to your fax or copy machine. If you have never done business with the company sending you the faxes and your company never gave them permission to advertise to you, then it is a junk fax. You can report these abuses to the Federal Communications Commission through their website.

How Junk Faxes Get Into Your Copy Machine

Many businesses and individuals send out large fax batches to advertise their products or services. Your company’s copy and fax machine might not have been a specific target for these ads. Some businesses or individuals simply buy lists of known fax numbers and send out hundreds or thousands of faxes in a day, hoping that at least one or two companies will “bite” on their offer.

What the Technician Can Do to Help

Your copier technician can reprogram the fax part of the copier in order to not accept faxes from unknown senders. The fax and copy center can also be programmed by the technician to not allow faxes from specific area codes. It is important to note that on occasion, this might block a fax that you do want. You can also have the technician block specific numbers that are sending you junk faxes.