The Challenges and Benefits of Mobile Printing


As technology continues to evolve, more organizations are tasked with managing mobile and offsite workers. Managed print services is one way to handle this problem by providing professional, streamlined solutions to handle the challenges of mobile printing.

The Rise of Mobile Printing

As technology continues to evolve and advance, many organizations are experiencing both the benefits and pitfalls of an increasingly mobile workforce. Conducting business on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices is easier than ever before, but having so many employees on the go has resulted in a wide range of challenges when it comes to managing the workflow and logistics of mobile printing.

A Workforce on the Go

Across the United States, millions of people now work full- or part-time outside of a traditional office environment. This includes remote, off-site employees as well as workers who take advantage of tablets and other devices to continue their work during off hours. This creates tremendous flexibility for workers and organizations alike, often leading to increased efficiency and better productivity.

Mobile Printing Challenges

Unfortunately, the proliferation of mobile devices also comes with a unique set of challenges. Many organizations are still based around local printing, and they struggle to adapt to the new technologies and shifting demands of a mobile workforce. Many IT departments are already overworked and lack the time and resources necessary to implement and troubleshoot a fully integrated mobile printing system.

The Advantage of Managed Print Services

One solution to the problem of mobile printing is to rely on managed print services in Las Vegas. Managed printing services work by pulling together all of an organization’s printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs into a single comprehensive, coherent system. These print services specialize in designing and implementing strategies that improve workflow, reduce waste and cut down unnecessary costs, as well as providing technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance and other services. As the mobile revolution continues, managed print services will continue to be an integral service for organizations of any size.

When Is It Time to Call in an Expert to Fix Your Copier?

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Sometimes office employees can deal with copier issues on their own. Sometimes, though, these issues need to be solved professionally.

When Should You Have an Expert Fix Your Copier?

For many people who work in offices in the Las Vegas area, printers exist quietly in the background, humbly helping us get through the day. That is, until they break. A broken printer can cause a backup in office tasks, and in some cases, it can lead to a substantial loss of revenue for your company.

If you don’t know much about printers and copiers, it can be foolish and costly to try to repair it yourself. You may initially want to avoid the cost of a professional, but calling a professional copy machine service can actually help your office get up and moving painlessly and quickly.

Below are a few scenarios that are common when you have an office copier.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are, unfortunately, part of life for anyone with a copier. In addition, most modern copiers will use blinking lights or touchscreen dialogue to point out where paper is stuck. This is something that will happen occasionally. However, if it becomes a pattern, or if it only happens on certain settings (some older copiers will almost always jam when asked to staple copies), it may be time for a diagnostic visit from a professional team.

A diagnostic visit may be able to help you identify issues with your office copier before they become unfixable. Additionally, it can help with efficiency, so your office can get more done.

Lines on Copied Pages

Having lines on pages you copy can be distracting, and it can look unprofessional. Check printing and scanning surfaces for marks or smudges. If you remove these and the issue persists, it may be time to call in a professional. Letting this issue continue on can make your company look unprofessional.

In short, copiers make things run smoothly, but they also can wreak havoc when they malfunction. Calling in an expert can help get your copier back in top shape.

How to Fix the Three Most Common Copy Machine Issues

Copy machines can be among the most frustrating parts of working in an office. This article will tell you the three most common copy machine issues and how you can avoid them.

3 Common Copy Machine Issues

Although copiers seem to have a simple function, they can cause endless frustration for office workers. From paper jams to streaks on the paper, it’s no wonder that copy machine issues have been satirized on television shows and movies like “The Office” or “Office Space.” This article will highlight the three most common copier problems and what can be done to avoid them.

Lines on Printer Paper

Streaks on paper that comes from the copier can come from dirt and dust on the scanner mirrors, a malfunctioning developer or drum unit, a malfunctioning drum blade, or problems with the fusers.

Get rid of dirt and grime on the scanner mirrors by cleaning them. Make sure you follow the directions set by the copier manufacturer. The other issues would involve replacing the fusers, drum blade, drum or developer unit. This can be done by contacting a copy machine repair service.

Cartridges and Toners

Issues can occur if your printing toner is empty, low or damaged. Empty and low toner cartridges can be remedied with a simple replacement. If it isn’t working, one of two problems could be occurring. The first potential issue could be an error on the part of the manufacturer. The second issue that might cause problems is an incompatible cartridge. Most printers require you to use a certain toner. Using a different type could result in inferior printing quality. If you find that you put an incompatible toner cartridge in your printer, local printing services in Las Vegas can help you with cartridge recycling.

Spots on the Printer Pages

When spots ruin an otherwise perfect copy, it is most likely due to dirt on the scanner mirrors. Cleaning them can correct the situation. However, if the spots occur on random places on the page, it may be a problem with the drum. Changing the drums is the proper solution to this issue.

While minor issues can be handled by the office manager, you should leave more difficult repairs to the professionals. A local company not only addresses the printer issue quickly, but they can also tell you how to avoid the problem in the future.

How to Prevent Paper Jams

Paper jams are caused by a number of reasons beyond just improper loading, and each jam results in lost work time and potentially expensive repair costs.

Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams

Paper jams are a leading cause of copier repair in Las Vegas. An occasional paper jam is to be expected when dealing with large copier and printer volumes, but chronic paper jams are more than just annoyances and can result in a significant loss of productivity as well as substantial repair costs.

Paper Loading and Overfilling

Many offices assign the responsibility to a single person or a small group of people in order to avoid improper loading. The process isn’t difficult by any means, but it does demand some attention to detail. Ensure that the paper is clean and uniform, and discard any sheets that aren’t uniform. Perhaps the most common mistake people make is overfilling the paper tray. As a rule of thumb, only fill a paper tray to the two-thirds mark, which will lessen strain on the separation pad.

Paper Choice and Storage

Paper choice does matter. You obviously need a size that the copier supports, but you also want to avoid brands that are prone to irregularities. Another common problem area is storage. Humidity can actually make paper more likely to cause a jam even though the paper may look fine to the naked eye. If humidity is a problem, you may need to store the paper with a dehumidifier.

Toner Fit and Quality

A toner cartridge with an uneven edge can also result in frequent paper jams. You don’t necessarily have to avoid discount cartridges, but you should ensure that the casing is sealed and provides a tight, even fit. Refilling cartridges is also a concern because you have to be very careful not to alter the surface.

Sensor Damage and Other Hardware Issues

If you’re certain that paper, toner cartridges and technique aren’t a problem but you’re still experiencing chronic paper jams, then the issue may be hardware-related. Gunk may be the culprit if the machine hasn’t been cleaned in a while, and common hardware failures that can result in chronic paper jams are damaged input and exit sensors. At this point, you may need to call in a professional.

The Best Ways to Keep Printing Equipment in Top Shape

To ensure the longevity of your office’s printing and copying equipment, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Printing Equipment

If your office is stocked with high-quality printing and copying equipment, you want it to last. All too often, however, copiers break and printers go on the fritz. There are a number of simple ways to ensure the longevity of your printers and copiers, and they are easy to institute in any office environment.

Keep Things Clean

It’s always important to operate your printing and copying equipment in a clean, tidy environment. They should be placed in an area of the office that is convenient but low in traffic, and they should be far away from plants and food. The equipment should be cleaned on the regular, and any adjacent windows should be kept closed. Unwanted dust and dirt can be detrimental to the functionality of the equipment and to print quality.

Always Use High-Quality Paper

If you have high-quality office equipment, using high-quality paper is a must. Check with the equipment’s manufacturer to see if they recommend a specific brand or type of paper. If you use low-quality paper that’s incompatible with your equipment, it can lead to paper jams, reduced print quality, and more. Using the wrong supplies can reduce the lifespan of even the best printers and copiers. To ensure you’re always using the right materials, consider enlisting the help of managed print services in Las Vegas.

Training Is Key

If there are a number of people using the copiers and printers in your office, make sure they know how to use the equipment. Many copier and printing malfunctions are due to user error, and training office workers in the best ways to use the equipment will oftentimes extend its lifespan. Give everyone who uses the printing equipment a how-to guide, and make sure the user’s manual is always near the equipment.