Ways to Manage Daily Operations at Work


When It’s OK to Take Company Shortcuts

While there are so many people looking for shortcuts and hacks to certain processes, it’s important to recognize that there is value in hard work and trusting the process. However, once the company is at a certain level of efficiency, you’re going to have to implement some shortcuts in order to increase the level of output. After all, a streamlined process doesn’t have room for processes that take forever. Consider these ways to create a more streamlined workflow and a quicker turnaround for output.

Create a Checklist

Create a checklist that focuses on the necessary tasks that need to happen in order for the workplace to run with efficiency. Include everything from the computers to the soap dispensers in the restrooms. Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget things when they’re not written down in front of you. Instead of having to mentally strain to remember everything that needs maintenance, write it all down and save yourself a lot of stress.

Implement Mandatory Maintenance Systems

Implement the right systems to make sure everything is taken care of and maintained. Just like there is a ‘check engine’ light to notify you when it’s time to change the oil, create a schedule with timers. Those timers should indicate when certain appliances need maintenance.

Another maintenance system involves using services that are not in-house. In order for your company to thrive, it’s okay to build a team of mutually beneficial partnerships with companies outside of your own. If there’s a print shop that specializes in managed print services in Las Vegas, it’s OK to keep them on speed dial when you’re ready to order print services. The same concept applies to the companies that provide the drinking water for the company. If you know there are certain services you’ll need to implement in order for the employees to operate at their best, do it.


With all the business transactions that happen on a daily basis, it can be easy for some tasks to fall through the cracks. However, this doesn’t excuse it. Work toward implementing these strategies on a consistent basis. Once you experience the benefits and results of a more streamlined workflow, it’ll be easier to stick with the process and find new ways to enhance the company’s efficiency.

How Managed Services Save Companies Money


Managed Service Solutions Allow for Greater Productivity

Whether you own a small business or manage a large one, you know that lost productivity equates to lost money. If a machine is not working properly, it can be difficult to make products or communicate with employees and clients. However, a managed service provider can make it less likely that machines are out of service, which means that you can focus on making more money.

Service Happens on a Regular Schedule

When service occurs on a regular basis, it makes it easier to catch small issues with a machine before they cause major problems. By adding toner to a copier once a week instead of ordering more when it is low, you don’t have to worry about running out completely. Therefore, you don’t have to choose between paying higher prices for materials and not being able to make multiple copies of an important document until tomorrow or next week.

Get Your Supplies From the Same Provider

When you can get both maintenance and supplies for a machine from the same provider, it helps a company obtain lower prices in addition to increased productivity. This is because many companies will charge less for a service and supply bundle as opposed to buying those services or supplies separately. Your company also benefits because you only have to make one phone call or send one email to someone who you trust if emergency service is needed.

Spend More Time on Your Customers and Less on Machine Maintenance

By partnering with a company that provides print services in Las Vegas, you can spend more time helping customers and less time fixing a broken copier. If you offer the ability for patrons to use a copier or fax machine inside your store or office, keeping it in good working order is an easy way to provide quality customer service.

When to Fix Your Copier Yourself and When to Call a Professional


Should You Repair Your Copier or Call a Repair Service?

Business copiers do a lot, and because they do a lot, there is a chance you will have issues at some point. Today’s copiers have many moving parts and areas where a malfunction can occur. When something happens to your office copier, do you try to fix it yourself? Or, do you call in a professional?

It’s Okay to Do Some Troubleshooting on Your Own

You probably do not need to call in a repair service for every possible issue your business copier suffers from. In fact, it is a good idea if you know a little about how your particular copier works. Having a basic knowledge of your copier’s architecture can help you deal with smaller problems and identify when you have a bigger issue. Consult your owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips and tools. You can also look at the manufacturer’s website or forums to see what is feasible to fix yourself. Research the common copier issues for your particular model. In this way, you will learn what you should or should not touch.

When You Should Call in the Professionals

If you run into an issue that you cannot fix with basic troubleshooting methods, stop what you are doing and call a copier repair service. Always choose a professional service with experience dealing with your brand of copier. For busy, high-traffic businesses, it can make a lot of sense to sign up for a maintenance program or service contract. These types of services can often ensure you never have copier issues. Using a professional service can also help to deal with other copier-related issues you may never think about. For example, a professional service will know how to properly dispose of or recycle ink cartridges. They will also know how to utilize any warranties you have on your copier or its components.

It’s Okay to Do Both

Take the time out to learn a little about your copier. You can likely figure out how to fix paper jams or feeding issues on your own. You can also learn how to open and close all the panels so that you can have a look inside or to do some light dusting. When you run into an issue that can hold up your business, call in a professional copy machine service.

Workflow Solutions to Maximize Managed Print Services


The Infrastructure That Helps Maximize MPS Cost-Effectiveness

The managed print services that Las Vegas companies have available to them decrease initial expenses, improve productivity, and lower costs over the long-term. How much an organization benefits, however, depends greatly on the infrastructure that’s in place. There are enterprise workflow changes that can often be made that result in significant cost-savings.

Have Document Management Solutions in Place

If your office still handles documents primarily in a physical manner, then that restricts the benefits MPS can provide. Documents are objects that should be stored, manipulated, and managed digitally, and a physical printing should be just one possible action that can be taken with such objects. Just having documents available in a digital space can substantially lessen the need for print-outs.

Automate Wherever Practical

Organizations should lean into the managed print services available to them, and one of the greatest advantages MPS provides is automation. Automation where practical leads to great efficiency in terms of resources used. Let your people focus on the challenges that really matter while software takes care of the mundane responsibilities, which can include ordering paper and supplies and scheduling maintenance and repairs.

Secure All Workflow Solutions

Security for your documents and the information that they contain, including both business and personal data, is another advantage of MPS, but it’s easy to undermine. Create rules and enforce those rules. Establish user privileges, and limit access based on both privileges and context.

Provide Users with Mobile Access

There are many reasons why managed print solutions increase productivity, but perhaps none are as diverse and effective as the freedom to access your system in a mobile manner. Your system and the infrastructure that supports it should emphasize distributed resources. Give your employees access to those resources from the devices through which they work, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, and continue to enforce the security model with these mobile transactions.