Print Service Diversity Through Cloud-Based Services


How the Cloud Is Transforming Modern Print Services

The various print services in Las Vegas are more diverse and sophisticated than ever thanks in large part to cloud computing. If a provider is able to deliver a service off-site, then just about any office or other workplace has access to it because the overhead, equipment and other requirements are lowered to such a great degree.

Cloud-Based Diagnostics

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the ability for even low-end business machines to perform self-diagnostics. All these multifunction copiers need are the sensors to collect the pertinent information. That data can be transferred to the cloud in real-time where a single server or series of servers dedicated to the task analyze it and perform diagnostics. This cloud-based analysis eliminates the need for printers to have that hardware onboard.

Automated Maintenance and Repairs

Another way MPS providers are reducing costs and making the client experience more convenient is through automated scheduling, which is possible in large part because of the cloud. Traditionally, MPS technicians have schedule maintenance visits quarterly, which was often suboptimal. Either locally or through the cloud, many business machines can now detect performance outside acceptable parameters, which spurs the provider to schedule the maintenance then. This as-needed preventive maintenance can result in significant savings for both the client and the provider.

Non-Hardware-Supported Services

A big advantage to many small businesses is the option to access printing services that once required hardware support. Today, those hardware requirements can be off-loaded to the cloud. Your printer, for instance, may only be able to count the number of pages printed, but a cloud-based service can time-stamp those jobs and attach other relevant data. As that data collects, it can then be analyzed in the cloud to provide you useful information about usage patterns.

Server Push Notifications

Having smart business machines that communicate with us is a powerful tool. Not all office copiers support it, however. In those cases, it’s possible to provide these notifications via the cloud. It’s even possible to provide some messages when the appropriate sensor isn’t available. The cloud can, for instance, track—or estimate to a highly accurate degree—ink usage and have your next toner cartridge shipped so it arrives just in advance of needing it.

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Managed Print Services Are Evolving with Accreditation

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How Accreditation Is Changing the MPS Landscape

The managed print services in Las Vegas are quite advanced and customizable, but MPS is still a relatively young industry. It’s evolving quickly as businesses determine their needs and providers and manufacturers position themselves to meet them. In order to have greater control over this process, some of the major manufacturers in the industry have begun seeking accreditation for copier technicians and other partners.

Certification Builds Client Confidence

The business machine landscape is diverse, and just because a technician is an expert with a certain printer series doesn’t mean he or she is knowledgeable about your printers. A consistent level of skill is what big brands like Xerox are seeking to achieve with their accreditation programs. When a technician arrives at your office with accreditation for your particular printer series, that provides you a great deal of confidence that the technician will be able to meet all of your needs in an efficient manner.

Forward Training

These certification programs also open the door for forward training—or training for a particular feature set before it reaches the market. Modern printers are sophisticated, multifunction machines, and each iteration is adding new features. New features are often slow to be embraced because the technicians have to learn them before training your employees. With forward training, a company like HP can have all accredited technicians up to speed before that machine is in your office.

Reduced Costs and Special Offers

You can look to an industry like the HVAC trade to see how accreditation can lower costs across the board and how a significant portion of those savings can be passed on to the consumer. Knowing an accredited technician will perform all services also makes it more feasible for the big brands to offer enhanced warranties and other special offers.

Cloud-Based Knowledge Bases

Providers have always had access to the manufacturers for support purposes, but accreditation programs are making it more practical to institute cloud-based support tools that certified technicians can access from anywhere at any time. If a software bug for a particular copier series has been recognized by a provider in New York, providers in Las Vegas will have access to that information in minutes, and vice versa.

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Use Remote Print Services to Do More While Away

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How Modern Offices Are Using Remote Print Services

A trend in area business is taking advantage of remote print services in Las Vegas. With remote access, your business machines are no longer just a fixed resource. Your employees and vendors have access to them from anywhere throughout Nevada and even the country or the world. There are four common scenarios in particular in which modern businesses are using remote access to do more while away from the office.

Off-Site Document Retrieval

MPS may be best known for its ability to reduce cost-per-page, but MPS is also able to enhance information security by closing the potential flaws that copiers and the like present. With remote access, employees can access the same document retrieval mechanisms they’d use standing at a printer in the office. That means that any access control would also be active, and they’d need to have the appropriate privileges to be granted the requested information.

Off-Site Document Printing

With the capability to retrieve documents comes the ability to print those documents locally. Imagine a scenario in which a client didn’t receive a document and requests it during a visit. Remote access to MPS provides a streamlined means through which you can print that document locally as if it were stored locally. Certainly, there are other options as well, but this is one of convenience that doesn’t circumvent any of the other MPS mechanisms you may have in place.

Local Printing Initiated Off-Site

Another advantage remote access provides is the option to initiate local print jobs off-site. If you become aware of a thousand-page print job while out of the office, for instance, you could queue that project now and set a priority level, deadline and so forth so that the print job gets finished is the most efficient manner possible and without your return to the office.

Alerts and Notifications

Among the best benefits of managed print services is awareness of your system in real-time. If there’s a hardware malfunction, a network issue or a security violation, you know about it as it happens. With push notifications to mobile devices, you can be alerted and notified as these events occur through email, SMS or other means via smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

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How to Avoid Office Copier Streaking

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Say Goodbye to Copier Streaks

Streaking is among the most common reasons copier repairs in Las Vegas are requested by local offices. Streaks, smudges, and similar artifacts can ruin documents and become an expensive problem when the issue arises in a sizable project. Fortunately, the problem is usually easy to avoid. And with that in mind, we’ll consider four top causes.

Gunky Mechanisms

The most common causes of streaks and smudges in printers and copiers is gunk. These office machines have moving parts and so are oiled. As that oil breaks down, it thickens. It also collects dust and other particles that make it even thicker. On the corona wire, even simple dust buildup can lead to streaking. Such buildup will happen no matter how clean your office is, and having your business machines professionally cleaned at least once a quarter can ensure that this problem never happens again.

Toner Issues

Toner cartridges themselves can get dirty over time and lead to streaking. This is prevalent on low-usage machines, where cartridges last a long time. When you have your copier professionally cleaned, this is something the technician can check as well. Other potential issues include cartridges that are low on toner or leaking or have leaked at some point. Many modern machines have alerts for such issues, but a manual inspection eliminates any doubt.

Paper Problems

Streaking is just as often a paper problem as it is a printer problem. If the wrong paper is used, or it’s feeding incorrectly for some reason, this can lead to streaking. Another potential issue is damaged paper. If paper became moist and then dries, it may have subtle warping that’s causing it to move through the machine unevenly.

Hardware Issues

If the problem is a hardware issue, then the problem likely has to do with the drum. A faulty drum won’t transfer clean images and can cause streaks. It may just need an adjustment or part replacement, but if it isn’t charging well or at all, the entire component may need replacing. Note that quarterly maintenance should identify any drum problems before they lead to streaking.

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