Tools For Promoting Your Independent Insurance Brokerage


Independent Insurance Brokers: Use 3 Simple Tools For Marketing

Most people are familiar with insurance agents who represent an agency, but they’re often not sure what an independent insurance broker does. While a captive insurance agent primarily works for and represents the interests of an agency, an independent insurance broker works for themselves while primarily representing the interests of their clients.

They are licensed by state boards to offer advice on various types of insurance products for a variety of insurance carriers, while also selling policies. While independent brokers have far more latitude in what they can sell and how much money they can generate, they also bear the responsibility of performing their own marketing.

For brokers who are just starting out, they might want to use inexpensive marketing tools to generate sales leads.

Promotional products help to spread awareness

There’s no need for a broker to order boxes of expensive promo products when a few boxes of pens or pencils will initially work.

Writing instruments can be left at public places where customers need to use pens. They can also be distributed at local businesses where customers might pick them up.

Business cards are a must

With so many digital print companies competing for business, there’s no reason for a new broker not to be able to buy an initial order of business cards for a steeply discounted price!

There’s also no reason for a new broker to spend too much money on graphics, fancy lettering, or fancy grade paper. A simple white or cream colored card with standard black lettering does the job. The classic card design also looks classy and professional.

Print flyers for distribution

Finally, a new broker can take advantage of simple flyers in order to generate leads. A simple trip to their local office supply or big-box store will allow the broker to find inexpensive reams of paper.

But while the cost of paper is reasonably priced, the cost of printing services are becoming more expensive! In the long run, it’s more cost efficient to purchase a refurbished copier from a company that also provides printer services Las Vegas. This will allow the sales person to create simple marketing materials any time they wish, for different lead segments.

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Many Copiers Are Way Underutilized


Four Features of Copiers That Often Aren’t Used Enough

The copy machine repairs in Las Vegas businesses often require can often be avoided by taking advantage of remote monitoring and diagnostics. Your copier can probably track its own health and even notify you or a service provider when something is a little off. That’s not all sophisticated copiers can do, and there are at least four other features you should use.


Duplexing isn’t actually that new. Even older copiers could duplex, which is a process by which a copier can print on both sides of a sheet. Still, it often goes underused. Industry statistics suggest that more than 60 percent of all copies are discarded the same day they’re printed, and using duplexing for all but the most important documents could significantly curb paper and toner usage for many businesses.

Partial Copies

Copiers also have a feature that lets you select a certain area of a page to be copied and crop others. Selected areas can even be enlarged so that they’re easier to read or more prominent on the page. This is a great option when a graph or similar object is your focal point.

Save to Document

Today’s copiers are actual scanners with built-in OCR capabilities. OCR stands for optical character recognition. It means that your copier can actually recognize characters, and that lets it save the pages it scans as many different types of documents, including PDF and Word files.

Send To

Another powerful feature is sending. Copiers can use the OCR capabilities mentioned above to create emails that it then distributes to a mailing list. This can even be set up to occur automatically. Imagine a scenario where an office manager scans a vendor invoice each week. The copier recognizes the document, converts it to text and emails it to a list of relevant managers.

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Tips for Performing Simple DIY Copier Machine Repairs Yourself


Simple DIY Copier Repairs for Your Home or Office

People associate the expression “do it yourself” to different things depending on your experiences. If you do decide to take care of some basic copier repairs at your home or office, you’ll potentially save time and money. Here are a few simple copier repairs you can usually complete on your own without a hitch.

Replacing the Toner

Replacing an empty toner tray isn’t copier repair, per se, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make your copier repair and maintenance a breeze. If the printer notifies you that your toner cartridge is low, just pull the old cartridge out and place in a new one. Disposing of your old cartridges in an eco-friendly way makes the job even more satisfying.

Clean and Tidy

Keeping your machines neat and organized helps to lower the chance of a major malfunction and needing to call an expert on copy machine repair in Las Vegas. Paper has the tendency to generate an astonishing amount of debris flecks and dust that, if built up, lower image quality and printer functionality.

You can make sure the dust gets maintained by wiping the copy glass with a microfiber cloth or other gentle material. Compressed air could also be used to blow out small particles from the paper trays, glass and moving components. Ensure the hole punch receptacle is also getting emptied on a consistent basis to prevent difficulties.

Handling Jams

Jams in copy machines can certainly be aggravating. If they happen a lot, it’s probably best to let an expert find the cause and perform a copier repair. Carefully pull the paper from the paper tray, close the doors and look for any mistakes in your copies after the machine has resumed printing.

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Why Do You Need Managed Print Services?


How Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Business

Your office runs on paper and has a print schedule for hard copies to go out on time. Replacing toner and keeping your supply closet stocked can be a full-time job in itself. It is in your best interests to let a professional manage your copier service and supplies by tracking your machines and stopping by for service and preventative maintenance regularly. This way, you never have to worry about running a machine into the ground or being stalled up on a demanding print job to meet legal deadlines or work schedule mandates.

Are You Tired of Finding That Printing Supplies Are on Backorder?

When you have experts available who know your machines inside and out, why risk days of lost productivity? Using a company dedicated to ensuring the streamlined production of your printing processes is simply a matter of searching for managed print services in Las Vegas.

Are You Prepared for Emergency Copier Repairs?

If you have a large company or small company that relies upon printing services as an integral part of its work, what type of plan do you have in place for catastrophic copier meltdowns or those annoying paper jams? No matter what type of problem you may be facing, it is paramount to locate a specialist before the emergency.

A quality managed printing service is dedicated to diagnosing the solutions and correcting problems before they reach a crescendo. However, very few companies are exclusively dedicated to copiers and printers. Yet, the best technicians are extremely knowledgeable about both digital and analog machines. Having been around for a while, they likely have the quality parts and wisdom to keep your machines running at high-volumes for years and years.

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Copiers and Their Hard Drives


Do Copiers Have Hard Drives?

It’s not uncommon for copier repairs in Las Vegas to involve hard drive maintenance and replacement. Many people don’t realize that their copiers and other business machines have hard drives and even solid-state drives, which are becoming more common as that storage technology becomes cheaper to manufacture and thus more affordable.

Why Do Copiers Need Hard Drives?

Not all do. Copiers designed for home use, for instance, generally just have a memory buffer. A PC does most of the work and transfers is it to the copier, which then holds it in the buffer until the project is complete, at which point the data is erased. In more demanding copying environments where a PC doesn’t do the heavy lifting for the copier, then the hard drive is used to store documents, cache temporary data and so forth.

Facilitating the Queue

You may think of a copier as someone standing in front of it and handling one copy at a time. Modern office copiers are more complex and not only handle manual jobs but tasks sent to them from throughout a network. The buffer generally provides just enough space to handle the current task, and so the hard drive provides a place to store those tasks and collections of tasks that are queued.

Are There Security Implications?

Yes. As with a computer hard drive, simple deletion doesn’t guarantee that a sensitive document isn’t recoverable. This is why certain industries, such as financial and healthcare, have rules even for temporary storage of such data. A HIPPA-compliant copier, for instance, may encrypt documents and employ multiple deletion passes in order to ensure that sensitive data is gone.

What to Do When Replacing a Copier

If you have a managed print provider, speak to that company about how they erase hard drives before repurposing machines. If you own or otherwise lease, then you should consider hiring a company that specializes in HDD erasure before moving the machine.

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