Distributing Overhead to Lower Print Costs


How Businesses Are Sharing Overhead to Save on Printing Costs

A key component of why managed print services in Las Vegas are available and so successful is cost reduction. Those savings are possible because there are fixed costs associated with printing, and that overhead tends to not fluctuate much as output increases. Therefore, MPS succeeds because it can combine the needs of distinct businesses, and as a result, those fixed costs are consolidated and shared.

Paper Purchased in Bulk

It’s not just a matter of sharing fixed costs but lowering them as well. An excellent example of this is the printing paper and other resources, such as toner, that companies require. A lone small business that commits to 10 reams of recycled paper a month can secure a decent price, but if 10 companies join forces to commit to 100 reams, that group can lower costs by 15% or even more.

Lower Support Costs, Too

The benefit of that buying power isn’t isolated to just tangible products. It’s a significant advantage when negotiating contracts for maintenance, repair services and technical support. The service provider itself benefits greatly by having assurances from a group of clients rather than just one.

The Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing often plays an important role in MPS, and that role will continue to expand as this field advances and evolves. The cloud is a key component in remote access, resource pooling, security and more, and these networks are another excellent example of how even disparate businesses can come together to share, and therefore lower, certain of their overhead costs.

Better Security Through Teamwork

MPS is about security, too, and while security costs are certainly lessened, what’s perhaps most important is that security measures and processes are improved. Small businesses can come together to enjoy enterprise-level security that may not otherwise be feasible for them.

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Recycling Ink Cartridges Is Good for the Environment


Why Recycle Ink Cartridges When I Could Throw Them Away?

Most people in Las Vegas recycle plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard out of habit now, but not as many recycle ink cartridges. It is easy to recycle, but often it slips our mind or seems unimportant at the moment, but recycling ink cartridges from your printer could have a larger impact on the environment than you realize. Here are some reasons to recycle your ink cartridges rather than just throw them away.

Save the Materials It Takes to Make Another Ink Cartridge

Plastic seems to be everywhere. So much so that we almost seem desensitized to throwing it away or wasting it. After all, plastic is not gold or precious metal. This has led to us filling our landfills with plastic, which is not good for the environment. Plastic is not very biodegradable so the plastic that we throw away takes years and years to degrade. By recycling ink cartridges, we save over 40,000 tons of plastic from being thrown into the landfill in North America alone. This is without many people participating in recycling cartridges. If we were all to do it this number would increase drastically.

Save Energy and Water and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aside from the materials that are actually in the cartridge itself, you cut down on the use of water and energy that it takes to make a replacement cartridge. You may think that there is not a lot of energy used while making a cartridge or that ink cartridges don’t take a lot of water to manufacture, but those assumptions would be incorrect. It likely takes more of both than you would expect. Greenhouse gasses are also emitted when making cartridges, so by reusing your ink cartridge, you will also be helping the earth by saving those gasses from being released.

It Is Easy to Do

It is easier than recycling oil. You can make a phone call, and a company that handles print services in Las Vegas can take care of it for you. This is something that you can do very easily and feel good about helping the environment. It just takes a commitment to remember to recycle rather than throw those old cartridges away and we could keep another 40,000 tons of plastic out of the landfills!

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Signs That Your Copier Should Be Repaired by a Repair Service Company


Signs That You Should Hire a Copier Repair Service Company

When the copier in your office stops working properly, the entire workflow of the office can screech to a halt. With most copiers, there will be warning signs that indicate that you should hire a repair service company now instead of waiting until the problems multiply. There are many signs that point towards a copier failing, each of which you should look out for when using the machine. Once you have noticed one or more of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a company that can provide services for copier repair in Las Vegas.

Call for Service Indicator

When a copier stops working as it should, one of the more noticeable signs that it should be repaired by a copier repair company is if there is a “call for service” indicator displayed on the small LCD screen of the device. This is among the easiest signs to identify and usually points towards the possibility of an imminent failure with the machine. While some copier issues can be corrected without the assistance of a repair company, it’s also possible that you can make the problem worse, which will only serve to cost you more money in the end.

Print and Copy Issues

The pages you print or copy can tell you that something is wrong in a variety of ways, although you will have to be looking for these issues to see them. If the pages that are produced from your copier consist of streaks or lengthy black lines across the page, this is a sign that some major repair work could be necessary. If you copy a document and the page comes out blank, this is another common sign that something needs to be repaired. Make sure that there are no letters or symbols missing from the pages as well.

Lengthy Wait Times

Office copiers will usually take 1-2 minutes to boot up and allow you to start copying or printing documents. If you are waiting for upwards of five minutes as of late, this could indicate that the device is on its last legs.

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Are Printer Service Contracts Cost-Effective?


Pay as You Go or Copier Service Contracts?

As much as we strive to become a paperless nation, printers and copiers are indispensable to almost every business or organization. Modern copy machines that handle a multitude of tasks can be a big investment. Rather than deal with the frustration of having your most essential piece of office equipment break down at an inopportune moment, consider getting a copy machine service contract as a hedge against inefficiency. Before deciding if this option is good for your company, there are several things to think about.

Do You Own or Lease Your Office Equipment?

Leased equipment usually comes with an option to add managed print service. The reasons to exercise this option are many and include:

• Decreased downtime

• Reduced overall maintenance cost

• Budget compliance

• Lower overhead

If you own your equipment, technical considerations become even more expensive. All repairs and maintenance are your responsibility. That means time wasted hunting for a printer repair shop and lost productivity while your copier is down. When you have time-sensitive materials to process, the ultimate cost to your business can climb even higher.

What Is Your Average Output Capacity?

Organizations that do very little copying or printing don’t need to worry so much about copier servicing. However, that leaves out all but the smallest businesses. Printing is the third largest expense for most companies, even at a relatively low capacity like 3,000 copies per month. That puts wear on your printer and means more need for replacing toners and ink cartridges. A service contract can be tailored to anticipate your usage based on your history or an average of similar companies to make sure you have the supplies and accessories you need when you need them. Many contracts also include technology upgrades and replacement parts.

Think of Maintenance Contracts as Insurance

You pay into health or auto insurance as a hedge against an expensive medical procedure or auto repair. Printer repair contracts are much the same. Your printer may work just fine for a few months, but some components can cost nearly as much to replace as the cost of a new copy machine. Preventative servicing helps prevent that.

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