Disposal Alternatives for Old Office Equipment


What to Do With Your Old Office Equipment

The copier repairs in Las Vegas that small businesses have available to them aren’t always the answer. Leasing or purchasing a new machine can be more cost-effective than repair over the long-term. If your business is in this situation, what should you do with the old copier? Traditional disposal is one option, but it may not be the best method.

Donate Your Old Copier

Donation is a fantastic option. Even if the copier you’re getting rid of requires repair, the cost of that repair may make sense for another organization. There are charities, for instance, that use old copiers and other business machines for their smaller satellite locations. There are websites that list schools, charities and other non-profit organizations that accept such gifts.

Manufacturer Take Back

If gifting the copier is not an option, then returning it to the manufacturer may be. Many manufacturers offer take-back programs. This a matter of corporate responsibility in many cases. It’s also a simple matter of public relations. The big companies do not want their names and their brand names to be associated with waste that is bad for the environment. Many of these companies facilitate these programs through local office supply outlets and similar locations.

Local Office Supply Businesses

Many of the major office supply chains will take copiers and similar equipment from you at no charge. They already have these systems in place and offer it as a service to the community. Even if your local office supply chain doesn’t facilitate it directly, it may be aware of other local options.

Find a Certified Electronic Waste Recycler

You can also contact your local sanitation department. Some local governments offer this service for free or for a nominal charge. If not, it may be able to point you in the right direction. If all other options are exhausted, locate a licensed waster recycler in your area that specializes in electronics. These companies will pick up and recycle your copier for a fee.

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Why Your Company Needs Printer Services


How Professional Printer Services Make Your Organization More Efficient

When you have multiple printers in your office suite, organization or educational institution, managing all of them could take a lot of your time. Keeping track of their toner needs, cleaning schedule and maintenance could be an overwhelming task. With professional printer services in Las Vegas, you can rest assured knowing that the printing systems in your business are cared for properly.

Less Wasted Paper and Toner

Proper care and maintenance of the printers results in less wasted paper and toner. When the printing system is operating with clean rollers and print heads, it will use less toner. The print quality will be better, which means that you will not have to print something two or three times in order to get a quality copy. The machine will also be less likely to jam, and paper jams are a common cause of wasted printer paper.

Faster Printing Speed

Professional printing services also ensure that the printers can print at a fast speed. Clean print heads and rollers move more swiftly. A properly lubricated paper tray can deliver the paper to the rollers when it is needed. The collating trays will also move better when they are properly cared for. When printing large documents, you could save several minutes of time.

Fewer Paper Jams and Problems

Regular maintenance of printers means fewer paper jams. If you have ever struggled with a jammed printer, you know that this is enough of a reason to have professionals handle your printer services. Trying to find the location of a paper jam can take a while. When you do find it, you must figure out how to remove the stuck paper without leaving any shreds of it behind in the machine. You must do this carefully in order to avoid causing any damage or leaving a shred of paper in it.

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Why You Need Managed Print Services for Your School


How Managed Print Services Benefit Schools and Other Educational Institutions

When you manage a team of educators, you may notice that they spend a lot of their time at the copy machine. Administrators may also spend an inordinate amount of time making copies and organizing packets for parents and students. Using managed print services in Las Vegas could cut down on this time drain and increase efficiency at your educational institution.

Cut Down on Frustration

Copy machines jam. They run out of toner. The need to have the paper reloaded. Someone might have left colored paper in the tray, and the next user needs white paper. When you use managed print services, you and your employees do not have to deal with these common frustrations.

Higher Quality Assurance

Small office copy machines do not always have a good quality of printing. They may not offer state-of-the-art functions such as color printing, stapling or collating of different pages. Doing this all on your own would take a lot of time, and the results may not be of an ideal quality level. When you outsource your printing needs, you can rest assured that you will have higher quality in the final results. Outsourced printing includes a higher quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee for the printed materials.

More Time to Spend With Children

Most educators get into this line of work because they want to help people learn. They did not get into it in order to spend an hour every day at the copy machine. When mass printing jobs are outsourced to a managed printing service, educators have more time to spend with children. Volunteers will be able to do more in the classroom instead of spending their precious time making copies, sorting papers and stapling pages together for the teachers during a day of school.

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Basic Things You’ll Need to Launch Your New Insurance Brokerage

3 Basics You’ll Need for Your New Insurance Brokerage

So you’ve decided to strike out on your on by starting your own insurance brokerage. Congratulations! As you’ll soon find, there’s a lot you’ll need to do in order to operate your own business, instead of showing up at an agency to sell policies for someone else.

With this in mind, you’ll also find that setting up your brokerage office is very similar to setting up any other operation that involves staffing and administration work. Below are some of the basics you’ll need to have in place before you open the doors to new policy clients.

You’ll need to set up work stations

When you used to work at an agency, you found that telephone and computing systems were already set up for you. You already had a desk to work at, so all you needed was to be trained in system and operations.

Now, you’re in charge of making sure that your future agents can effectively do their work. So, consider how many people you’re ready to hire for your space, and plan out your work space stations accordingly.

You’ll need lots of office supplies

Although you’ll probably write policies via online forms on your carrier’s website, you’ll still need to make a huge investment in paper products. You and your agents will need to take lots of notes on your prospects.

But you’ll also need a large quantity of printing paper. That’s because you’re going to want to hand out flyers as often as possible. First, you’ll need to advertise that you’re open for business. You’ll want prospects to know what lines of insurance you’ll offer.

You’ll also need to create multiple versions of different flyers, so you can segment your targeted audience, according to specific marketing campaigns.

Start out right with managed printing services

Anyone starting their own business operation knows that saving as much money upfront is the best way to go. This means that it’s in your best interest to purchase a refurbished copier, instead of investing in something brand new.

It’s also in your best interest to purchase the refurbished copier from a business that also offers managed printing services. This way, the same company that knows your copier inside and out will be able to properly and efficiently service it on a regularly-scheduled basis.

For more information, contact your local managed print services Las Vegas professionals.

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Three Common Copier Issues


Three Copier Issues That a Tech Can Help

For all the changes in document technology, the print business is still highly profitable. There are many reasons why reading a hard-copy document is preferable to reading one online, and your office or personal copier is still an essential piece of equipment. Copier repairs in Las Vegas can help you extend the functional life of your copier.

Copy Machine Features

People primarily use copy machines to reproduce documents. Documents can be text files, graphic images or photographs, and they can be rendered in black and white, or color. These days, even inexpensive copiers have many features that make document reproduction easy and efficient. Almost all copiers have an automatic feeder function that allows you to handle multipage documents without having to spend time repositioning an original. Many copy machines can also make double-sided duplicates that don’t require you to flip your document manually. Copy machines can also collate documents, which makes it easier to hand them out as packets.

Common Issues With Copy Machines

Like all equipment, copiers can develop issues from time to time. Here’s a look at some of the most common problems you may encounter when you’re using a copier:

• Paper jams: Sometimes you may be using the wrong-sized paper; other times, a glitch either in the software or the machine’s alignment is preventing your paper from loading properly. Most of the time, you can probably deal with this issue yourself. If, however, dust and debris is clogging the feed tires and other parts of your copier, calling a professional may be able to save you time and stress.

• Streaks and other artifacts in your copies: Streaking can be related to many different factors from a dirty scanner mirror to a malfunctioning drum unit. Your repair person will be able to troubleshoot your issue and perform the necessary fix.

• Wrinkled pages: You want business document copies to look crisp and professional. Wrinkling is typically caused by worn-out feed and exit rollers. You will probably have to replace the malfunctioning unit, and your copier service professional is the perfect person to turn to.

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