Benefits of A Print Strategy for Your Business

Having a print strategy is an important part of any business. Take a look at how to develop a print strategy.

Does My Business Need a Print Strategy?

If your office staff uses printers, copiers, or fax machines you need a print strategy. Even if you and your staff have evolved beyond the paper-based office, digital document management needs to be part of your overall strategy. You’ll want to create a roadmap that will enhance document and information security, increase employee efficiency and productivity, identify hidden costs, and reduce unnecessary operating costs.

What are your true printing costs?

Printing costs include more than the cost of the equipment lease, maintenance and repair, paper, and ink or toner cartridges. It includes the cost of technology. Considering the storage capacity of your equipment and the level of security needed, determine if you need on-site or cloud-based document storage. You need a strategy that is cost-effective, saves money, and improves your bottom line.

Create a strategy in three steps

First, develop simple metrics to evaluate and manage your print strategy. Next, make a list of best practices with your staff to increase efficiency and productivity. Finally, decide on some benchmarks to help you identify and reduce waste and lower operational costs. For example, decide if it’s better to make hard-copies of documents, or scan to images. If you have an IT department this is a great place to start putting your strategy together.

Outsource to save money

The better-managed print services in Las Vegas offer more than supplies and service. They will also help you integrate document management for your mobile staff and reduce your environmental impact. You need to look for more than just an equipment vendor or repair technician. Consider managed print services as part of your total strategy to improve productivity and profitability.

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How Your IT Staff Can Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Copy Machine


The copy machine in most offices is often responsible for handling print jobs, incoming and outgoing faxes and other electronic transmissions. Being able to troubleshoot your copy machine can help you to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Having Your IT Department Troubleshoot the Copy Machine

Every office’s copy machine is heavily used on a day-to-day basis. From making copies of meeting agendas to printing large documents, the copy machine has a heavy workload. When the copier gives you an error message, you could consider having your IT department do some troubleshooting rather than immediately calling for a professional copy machine service to come and take a look. In many cases, the problem is electronic rather than with the copy machine itself.

Network Errors

Most copiers are programmed to be on your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. If there is a problem with the network, then the copy machine will not get the information that it needs in order to do its job. This is especially true when the copier is being used for printing. Your IT department can check the network signals and make sure that the copier has network access.

Permissions Problems

Another common IT-related copy machine problem is when a particular workstation or device is unable to send print jobs to the copier. When the problematic device is located within your business, your IT department can take a look at the permissions levels. A password reset may have caused the copier to be removed from the connected devices. Newly purchased devices may need to be manually connected to each of the copy machines within your business.

Improper Cartridge

Many copy machines will only accept an original equipment manufacturer toner cartridge. These toner cartridges have a chip installed. The chip communicates to the machine that it is the correct type of toner. If your copy machine is giving an error related to the toner and you have just replaced the cartridge, it could be that the toner’s chip is not compatible with your copy machine.

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Discover How to Reduce Your Operational Expenses in Las Vegas


The business can create a great deal of monetary waste in many ways. By implementing a few changes around your organization, you can cut some of those expenses.

3 Ways to Lower Your Business Expenses

Your Las Vegas business may be wasting a great deal of money. For every dime that is lost, one could have been put towards productivity. In many situations, the marketing budget of an organization could make or break future profits. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put more into this necessity? From printing to the utilities, a few changes around your facility could play a role in stabilizing the company’s financial future.

Managed Printing

Many companies experience downtime when printers and copiers begin to fail. This could be costly in terms of repairs and toner replacements. By using managed print services Las Vegas, you can prevent downtime of your employees as professionals monitor and address the printers and copiers as problems arise.

Managed printing services can also reduce the need for an on-site professional to fix the devices. Many businesses, especially those with few employees, cannot afford to hire additional technical staff for the purpose of fixing printers and copiers. A managed system is usually far less costly than hiring a full-time professional when you consider wages, insurance and other staffing costs.

Buying Refurbished Products

Organizations that specialize in refurbishing office products, such as copiers, usually put a great deal of effort into making sure the unit is operational according to specifications. For the most part, you could save possibly thousands of dollars each year in equipment by purchasing refurbished and used goods. Computers, printers, desks and more don’t need to be brand new in order to function. In many cases, used components have continued to operate throughout the lifespan of the business.

Using “Green” Technologies and Processes

You don’t have to hoist solar panels on the top of your Las Vegas business in order to be more eco-friendly. Things like turning off equipment when it’s not in use, using CFL or LED lights or even installing motion-sensing light switches in key areas of the business can be beneficial. Not only do these practices reduce the carbon footprint of the organization, but it can also reduce monthly operation costs.

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Three Reasons Why Your Office Copy Machine Needs to Have Regular Care

Learn about the essential maintenance services that office copy machines need in order to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible. These services can also reduce breakdowns and malfunctions of the copy center.

Benefits of Regular Preventive Maintenance for Your Office Copy Machine

The office copy machine is one of the most heavily used mechanical devices in most businesses. Many copiers also function as the printer, especially for large print jobs. Some offices even have copy machines that are multifunctional and act as the fax machine, printer and copier. Preventive maintenance and as-needed copier repair in Las Vegas can help to ensure that your commercial copy machine performs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Prevents Paper Jams

Paper jams are the most common problem that can occur in a copier. A paper jam can result from putting too much paper into the machine, using paper of the wrong thickness or size or improper loading of the paper. Problems with the machine, such as moisture or sticky residue can also cause a paper jam to occur. Regular maintenance of your copy machine can reduce the frequency of paper jams.

More Efficient Use of Toner

Toner for the copy machine can add up, especially if the copier is using too much of it due to paper jams and improper settings. Regular maintenance of the copy machine can help to maximize its efficiency, including how it uses toner. A clean machine will use toner more efficiently, so during a maintenance visit, the technician will clean all sensors of powder and dust. The glass and rollers will also be cleaned to improve the machine’s toner efficiency.

Less Energy Usage

Preventive maintenance of your copier also helps to lower its energy usage. While most copy machines are in standby mode when not printing or faxing, they do continue to draw electricity. Cleaning of the machine’s rollers, glass and sensors helps to lessen the amount of electricity that is consumed in active and standby modes. The vents of the machine will also be cleaned of dust so that the air can circulate around it and keep it cool to avoid common problems like overheating.

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How to Make Better Copies


Learn how to create a picture-perfect copy each time.

How to Make Better Photocopies

Making a copy of a document is relatively easy, but for some reason seems to be fraught with mistakes. If people would take the tie to learn how to optimize their use of copy machines, they could produce great quality photocopies each time without any of the problems. Here is how.

Prepare the Original Document to Be Copied

Rather than just shoving the document inside the machine, take the time to smooth out the edges. Look for smudges on the paper and clean them as best you can. Use strong, heavyweight paper rather than lower-quality paper whenever possible, and make sure to remove any staples you may find. If the document has holes punched in it, place another piece of paper behind the original to give the illusion of a whole document.

Clean the Copy Machine

Make sure to wipe down the glass before making copies. This will remove any stains and blemishes from the surface, as well as eliminating any dust that may get in the way of the copy. Make sure to do this properly, however, by unplugging the machine and using a soft cloth. A still-powered copier can produce static electricity that will pull fibers from the cloth onto the glass.

Ensure the Toner Levels Are Correct

While it may be tempting to rush through a copy job, taking the time to refill the toner ensures the resultant copies are clear and easy to read. Failing to do this can result in faded areas and low-quality copies. When making multiple color copies, ensure the ink levels are at their maximum. For larger print jobs, you may need to refill the machine during the course of the job.

By taking the time to learn the ins and outs of a copy machine, not only can you guarantee your own copies are higher quality, but you can contribute to the overall environment of your office. When other employees realize that you are the king of the copy machine, you will likely gain a few new friends who want their own documents to be of the same quality. If the use of the machine is outside your area of expertise, do not be afraid to consult a copy machine service.

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