Copier Print Service Agreements in Las Vegas

Copier Print Service AgreementWhen you’re dealing with copier service agreements, you need to understand exactly what you need and what you don’t. You need to understand all of the terms.

Whether to buy or lease your copier is another important question for business owners. It’s not as black & white as it seems. While it’s true that a lease offers business tax incentives, be aware that you may be able to claim depreciation with the purchase of a copier, too.

Know your needs and do the math

Really look at your estimated use of the machine, accounting for any seasonal fluctuations and/or decreases in production. If you lease a copier and go over your monthly copy allotment, you may be subject to surcharges. Whereas, if you don’t reach your monthly copy allotment, you may be subject to a “print minimum” service fee.

One term to know is what a “click” means in the copier and print industry. A click refers to a single printed image. That’s one click for a single-sided piece of paper and two clicks for a two-sided sheet. It doesn’t matter if your employees made a mistake in printing or not, if a sheet comes out of machine, it’s counted as a click.

You also want to note the size of the page, whether it’s A3 or tabloid size paper. Anything that measures more than A4 (letter size) could count as more than one click. It all depends on the service provider and how your contract is set up. If you do a lot of 11×17 printing, this is an important area to discuss. The same holds true for color vs. black and white printing. Due to increased toner costs, a color click costs more than a black and white click. If you have a color log on your letterhead, foe example, you’ll want to discuss what can be done to minimize your costs there.

How do copier print service agreements work?

Fixed service contracts are typically for 1 to 3 years; they offer you a fixed rate based on your “per click” usage. For example, if you sign a 1-year contract, the per click rate averages about $0.41 to $0.58 per copy, while a 3-year contract will run you approximately $0.24 per copy. These are only estimates. You’ll need to do your own math for your organization. Most copier service contracts (also called copier maintenance contracts) provide you with a minimum number of clicks that you get billed for each month. It doesn’t matter if you go under that amount, you’re still going to pay that minimum amount.

Most copier service contracts include toner, drums, maintenance, repairs, and anything else that isn’t paper (or staples if you have a finisher). We want you to feel confident in all the decisions you make regarding your printing needs. You should know what costs will be incurred before they happen. We want to prevent any surprises or misunderstanding down the road.

You can count on us to answer all of your questions, to review your sales contract thoroughly, and if you decide to purchase a service contract, too, we’ll provide you with complete list of the parts that are covered and those that aren’t covered.

Rest assured, at Sunrise Office in Las Vegas, all of our copier sales transactions are transparent. Call us today. Let’s talk. 

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