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Copy machines are the hallmark of any business. They’re used for countless needs, from a basic copying to complex marketing literature. Sunrise Office Systems understands your business needs. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of the finest copy machines on the market today. We will help you isolate the model that best meet your business’s print volume needs.

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New Copiers, Printers or Faxes

For new copiers or printers we can sell most brands however we highly recommend Muratec. They are one of the only companies we know out there that offer a 15 month warranty. Their tech support is outstanding and they will follow up to see if you have resolved all your issues. You can purchase a new machine anywhere from $1800 up to $12,000. Or you can lease anywhere from $95 to $350 per month depending on your needs. Fill out the form on this page to let us know what you are looking for in a new machine.

Refurbished Copiers, Printers or MFPs

We can also find you most brand of refurbished copiers or printers. We purchase slightly used machines, we clean them up, put in new parts and then re-sell them. Based on your needs we will find you the best machine to suit your needs. As much as possible, we try to make sure these machines have low meters on them so that the machine will last you a long time. Often times clients like to go this route as it can save them anywhere from 30% to 50%. Fill out the form on this page to let us know what you are looking for in a new machine.

Matching Needs to Copy Machines

When you dial Sunrise Office Systems support, only our expert associates answer. We’ll take the time to go over your company’s particular size and clerical volume. We offer copiers of all sizes; from small multi-purpose printers to high-end, high volume machines that copy, print, scan and fax! It is one of the most important parts of our job: to match the copier to your unique needs. With our expertise guiding the way, you won’t spend too much on a copier with features you never use.

Quality Features

Muratec MFX-3091Naturally, there are features you simply can’t do without. Copying on both sides of a page or scanning to a computer are common features that customers must have in business offices. Consider a copier, scanner and fax machine all rolled into one model. This high-end copier is more expensive than simpler models, but your work output increases exponentially with a multi-purpose model.

Big Project Specialization

Do you print large projects every week? Machines that sort, staple and create presentations are available. List all the typical projects you have to our copier sales associate so they can find a perfect match.

Purchasing Versatility

Sunrise Office Systems knows a copy machine investment is an expensive one. Small businesses must have a copier, but the cost is difficult to swing. We offer traditional payment options and equipment renting or leasing options. When you have a temporary, large print project to complete, consider renting a high-end copier. You’ll have all the features necessary to finish the project without the major purchase in the process. Return the copier and lease out a simpler model for everyday use. You may end up loving this model and purchasing it after a few months. Consider our monthly maintenance contracts that include all labor, supplies and parts to go along with your copy machine purchase.

Brand Names You Can Trust

Some copy suppliers stock generic brands that print questionable quality documents. At Sunrise Office Systems, we only work with top brands in the copying industry. Brother, Canon and Xerox are just a few of the best names you can trust as you go about the workday. You want a quality copy every time you step up to the machine.

Fill out our simple, online contact form or call us at (702) 435-9600. Copiers are meant to enhance your office, and impress both colleagues and customers with every print.

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