Used | Refurbished Copiers in Las Vegas

Used / Refurbished Copiers

No office can survive without some type of copier. And today, considering all the options, there is no reason to not get the biggest bang for your buck. That’s where the idea of refurbished copiers come to light. Used copiers re-engineered to the highest standards can enhance all your operations without costing a lot of money.
Here are some arguments for getting a used, but good as new, copier.

  • Used copiers are excellent for startups or an operation that needs a powerful machine but can’t afford a new one. A refurbished device provides you with a high-volume “like new” machine that may not be fresh out the box but is guaranteed to function like one. Sunrise Office Systems’s techs are experienced at maintaining, repairing and overhauling complex copiers. That skill and work guarantee has gone into any copier we’re selling, as well as the same guarantees you get buying new.
  • Even if you are starting out, any move you make should also factor in growth. You can certainly buy a smaller, new machine now that meets your budget. But down the line, as your operations grow and require more efficient technology, having a larger machine capable of greater management in printing, scanning, faxing, copying and more, will save you the trouble of having to buy another copier. Our refurbished copiers are ready now and will be capable of growing with you.
  • By purchasing a refurbished copier, you promote the idea of recycling these machines that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Used copiers have all the luxuries of a new machine and are also a green option.

a copying machine
Sunrise Office Systems is a reliable dealer providing quality copy machine repair and maintenance. The principles and practices we apply to our client’s machines are the same ones we use with machines that we acquire. The equipment is carefully inspected, and overhauled as necessary. When our process is done, we have a machine that we are confident will stand alongside anything purchased new.

We’ve been providing copier services to the greater Las Vegas area for over 20 years now. Our reputation is based on exemplary service, communication, quick response time and reasonable pricing. When you buy one of our refurbished copiers, you get a quality device accompanied by the Sunrise Office Systems promise of the best in office equipment, repair and supplies that you can get in this industry.

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