3 Signs It’s Time to Professionally Repair a Copy Machine

A copy machine or printer has a lot of moving parts. Some parts are fairly complicated compared to what was once common with copiers. There are also likely to be some software and other components thrown into the mix as well. Regardless of what type of copier or printer you have at your place of business, you don’t want to have it down for service for too long. Once you have a better feel for when it’s best to reach out to an experienced team for copier or printer repair in Las Vegas, you should be able to reduce your risk of unexpected problems. This can certainly be good for office productivity. Pay attention to the three signs mentioned below that indicate it’s time to call a professional to repair a copy machine.

1. Repair a Copy Machine When It ‘Tells’ You to Do So

It’s not unusual for a copier to indicate it’s time to call a service technician to repair a copy machine with some type of LED display or indicator. In some instances, you may see a digital display that says, “Call for service.” If you rely on the same company for printer or copier repair, there may also be a label on your machine with that company’s number on it. There could also be a number for the manufacturer. In this instance, it’s common for the manufacturer to direct you to the nearest service provider if you need immediate assistance.

As long as you’re looking for labels, check for one that lists key info. The service technician you contact about a printer or copier repair in Las Vegas will likely need to know the:

• Manufacturer’s name
• Serial or model number
• Date of last service or setup

In some cases, it may be possible to remotely diagnose the problem. This isn’t a replacement for an in-person visit by a service technician. It can, however, tell the service tech who arrives to repair your copier or printer where to focus his or her efforts. Just what particular copier/printer issues could trigger a “call for service” alert or a similar indication to contact a service technician? The possibilities include:

• Paper jams
• An inability to scan
• Internal parts not starting up when trying to make copies
• An inability to determine which functions the user requested

If you’re in a pinch, it may be possible for a technician to remotely assist you before an in-person visit. You should avoid DIY attempts at troubleshooting or repair work since such efforts may invalidate an existing warranty.

2. Your Prints or Copies Aren’t All That Spectacular

It’s time for a copier repair if the copies you’re producing are less than impressive. While such issues are sometimes resolved by adding more toner or making other small adjustments, this isn’t always the case. It’s best to contact a local service technician serving the Las Vegas area if you are having recurring issues with copies or scans showing up with:

• Streaks and/or lines
• Blank pages instead of intended copy
• Missing or voided areas
• Noticeable misalignments

Even if adding toner to the copier solves the problem, this may only be a very short-term solution. Should you find that the copies produced are regularly appearing faded, and you need to frequently add more toner, call on local service pros. In a worst-case scenario, this could mean that all the extra toner you’re adding is being collected somewhere other than the actual copies. Ignoring copy quality issues for too long could lead to a big mess to clean up and entirely new problems to deal with.

3. Various Features or Options Are No Longer Working

If you have a multifunction copier, you’ll have access to an assortment of options. Often, these can be accessed with a simple touch or tap. It’s software that plays an important role in allowing all the features of a copy machine to work together. If you’re noticing that certain copier features are no longer working, see what an experienced copy repair technician has to say. A trained service technician can troubleshoot the problem and get all your copier’s features working again. With certain features that aren’t working, wiring or electrical issues may need to be addressed. Issues of this nature have many possible sources. It’s best to have an experienced service tech diagnose and solve the problem. This applies to any persistent copier issues that can’t be resolved with quick-fix solutions.