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Sales & Leasing

Find what’s right for your office space

  • We sell both new and previously owned office equipment.

  • Not sure if you want to buy equipment? Check out our Copier Leasing Program!

Although we do sell brand new, our specialty is providing you with a refurbished machine that has gone thru an extensive 16-hour cleaning process where we:

  • Gut the copier down to the metal frame.
  • Clean all parts and copier multiple times.
  • Put the copier back together.
  • Replace any parts that the life cycle reads below 50%.
  • Test all functions multiple times.
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Our goal is to have these machines leave here looking and running like a brand-new copier so that it will last you as long as possible.

We need the copiers to run like new because we are a small family business, we cannot afford to be running around on service calls because we did not do a good job the first time.

As we understand how times can be tough, we are always open to working with you on a payment plan if necessary. Feel free to ask.

We offer a “Non” Lease Copier Rental Program

  • These copiers are designed to suit small to medium sized businesses.

  • All service and supplies are included in the program.

Standard Copier Rental Features

  • Output speeds from 28 to 55 pages-per-minute
  • Prints in black & white or color (depending on what machine you choose)
  • Scans in black & white & color
  • Prints 8.5×11, 8.5×14, 11×17, 12×18
  • Scan to email, to folder, to USB or to FTP
  • 2 paper trays and a 50-sheet bypass tray for card stock
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Eliminate the long-term commitments & expenses associated with your traditional copier leases. Our easy copier rental program provides everything like a lease with the added bonus of a no long-term commitments and expenses.

Our rental/lease program ranges anywhere from $89 up to $350 per month depending on the number of pages you print per month, and the type of machine you are renting. Not sure how many pages you will be printing? That’s okay, we can help you estimate how many pages you print. Length of rental may range form one month to one year & beyond depending on your needs. No long-term commitment. Cancel any time.

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