copy machine serviceWhy Your Copier Service Should Make the Switch From Regular to Long-Lasting Ink

Now is the time if you are looking to switch from your old ink cartridge to a printer with long-lasting ink. You should switch to long-lasting ink because of how it affects your printer and printing services Las Vegas. Long-lasting ink does not cause problems like clogged nozzles and drying out, requiring copier service, which makes it a much better option than regular inks.

What Is Long-Lasting Ink for Copier Service?

Long-lasting ink printers feature cartridges that use original ink. They’re designed to produce more pages than standard cartridges at a lower cost per page. In fact, HP estimates you’ll get 30% more prints from the cartridge than standard cartridges.

Printers That Have the Longest-Lasting Ink Cartridges

The printers with the longest-lasting ink cartridges are the HP Photosmart C4280, Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and Epson Stylus Pro 3880. Each of these three printers has the best-rated ink cartridges. The HP Photosmart C4280 is a color printer that uses Epson-compatible ink cartridges. The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 uses EPSON ink cartridges, but the third third-party toner cartridges are cheap and available.

Below, we take a look at these printers in detail.

HP Photosmart C4280

Upon its launch, the HP Photosmart C4280 Printer offered an affordable solution for those who wanted to print their favorite photos and high-quality text documents.

The minimalist design was indicative of the low price many would pay for a machine that can still print at relatively high speeds. Although the paper capacity reaches the standard of 100 sheets set for most home printers, there is no automatic document feeder or automatic two-sided printing function.

This is Important for those who like to get the most out of their ink cartridges. The C4280 accepts XL versions, so you can essentially get a lot more prints. Using a high-capacity cartridge slightly compensates because the printer uses only a black and tri-color cartridge.

Despite being a compact model, the LCD screen improves usability and the quality of the prints is in line with what one would expect from a machine that is part of the Photosmart line.

Epson WF-7710

Like other Epson Workforce wf printers, it also offers economical operating costs with high-quality results. While the initial setup by the copier service cost may be a little too high, it pays off in the long run.

Like other all-in-one printers, it can also efficiently perform various functions, including printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. However, in terms of printing, the machine is quite economical in using ink.

It’s built with four different ink cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. These ink cartridges offer the best possible color prints. Here, learning the Epson printer thick paper setting is very convenient.

In addition to being cost-effective in terms of ink usage, it is overall very economical in the long run. Instead of wasting ink, this printer automatically determines that the ink is out. This way, you can order ink in advance.

Additionally, the power consumption capacity of the WF-7710 workforce is much lower than that of other laser printers. To be precise, with the Epson worker wf printer, you can save around 80% of your electricity bill and reduce your environmental impact.

When it comes to performance, the Workforce WF-7710 will never cease to amaze you. This machine can print at a yield of 18 pages in black and white and ten pages in color images.

Even in print quality, the WF-7710 is not overlooked. It offers a maximum print resolution of 2400 DPI, which is much more than other traditional printers. Furthermore, its black and white color quality is quite competitive too. You just need the knowledge to print black and white words.

In addition, the WF-7710 comes equipped with two excellent paper trays, the input tray can handle up to 250 sheets and the output tray can hold up to 125 sheets at a time. Hence, it allows you to enjoy unhindered printing at any time.

Its two-sided printing function can further speed up the copying process by keeping 35 pages at once. Therefore, it is not necessary to flip the page for double-sided printing and it saves time. Overall, this Epson WorkForce model is a capable machine that will meet your large format printing and scanning needs for years to come.

HP Office Jet Pro 9015

The most impressive feature of this device is that you will get an ink tank with ink inside. The huge amount of ink will last for two years. So this time, there is no need to spend money and save up to 2 years on ink supply, reducing the number of contact with printing services Las Vegas.

Technically, the ink tank at your disposal is equivalent to about 30 inkwells in which you can print about 5,200 pages. Suppose you need to print documents using your smartphones. In that case, you must first download the smart app so you can wirelessly connect your favorite devices to your printer, reducing copier repair Las Vegas.

Brother MFC-J905DW All-in-One

The way Brother products continue to grow and reach the highest level is nothing new. Endowed with brilliance and excellence, this brand easily competes with other giants. That is why in the future, it is no wonder that this is on the list of printers with long-life ink cartridges.

First of all, this is a recently launched inkjet printer. It is therefore extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Furthermore, it won’t be easy to find something that can compete with it for ink efficiency in this price range; you hardly need to contact copier repair in Las Vegas to repair your copy machine. The toner included in the box lasts up to one year (150 pages per month). And with genuine Brother ink cartridges, you can achieve incredibly high yields reduce the number of times you repair copy machine. For extra high yield, choose the following ink cartridges: LC3033BK, LC3033C, LC3033M and LC3033Y (black ink); and for ultra-high yield, you can get the following ink cartridges: LC3035BK, LC3035C, LC3035M and LC3035Y.

The Advantages of Using Long-Lasting Ink for Your Copier Service

Ink cartridges are highly pigmented. They are capable of providing high-quality output for images and text. With finer and more uniform details, inkjet printers are recommended for high-resolution photo printing.

The next thing on the list is to cut the cost. Speaking of compatible cartridges, it costs 30-60% less than an OEM cartridge. Save hundreds of dollars as a result of monthly procurement costs. Besides, it also improves your profits.

The initial cost of an inkjet printer is cheap. Surprisingly, the cheapest inkjet printers are capable of producing high-quality images. Even a multi-function inkjet printer costs less than a laser printer of the same capacity. If price is a concern for users, inkjet printers will be the perfect option. For office work, businesses can purchase more inkjet printers for a lower price. Thus, by saving time on copier service in Las Vegas, employees can increase their overall productivity.