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On-Site Services

Customize your mobile copier service with SOS

  • For our on-site services, we offer per incident repairs or we offer a monthly service care program.

  • We service you on site at your business or your home office if you work from home.

Call us if you have any of these issues:

  • Cannot remove a paper jam
  • Paper keeps jamming constantly
  • Toner is spilling everywhere
  • Printing in hieroglyphics
  • Lines on pages
  • Making loud noises
  • Unable to print
  • Unable to scan
  • Replace parts
copier repair Las Vegas

We also provide third party services for those companies who are based in another state that might have a branch or a client here in Las Vegas that might need our services

If you call us and get a voicemail, our goal is to always return your call within the hour. We do our best to shorten our time frame for you within a two-hour window so that you do not wait around all day. If we are running behind, we will call you and keep the communication flowing.

Our rates range anywhere from a one-time $90 to $130/hour per service call depending on how long it takes.

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