printing services las vegasPrint to the Cloud With Help From Printing Services in Las Vegas

Gone are the days where you could use google cloud print to access your printer from any place in the world. Moreover, you don’t need extra drivers installed. Simply give the print command, and print will come out from your web-connected printer. Google no longer offers the service, but that doesn’t mean that other alternatives do not exist. Achieve this by installing apps that will allow you to connect a computer to your printer to access printing services in Las Vegas regardless of location. Here are some insights on how you can set up your printer to print to the cloud even without google cloud print.

Papercut Mobility Print for Cloud Printing Services in Las Vegas

Papercut mobility print has many of the same features and applications as Google Cloud Print. The app supports Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. That implies that you’re well protected regardless of the platform.

Mobility Print is intended for use on local networks, such as an office intranet. However, the company has unveiled a beta version of its Cloud Printing service. When needed, this functionality allows devices to connect to your printers from outside the local network. However, it’s only available on Chromebooks and Windows devices currently. Mac support will be available soon.

Mobility Print encrypts your print jobs and metadata, enhancing security and privacy. It’s completely free to use, making it a solid option for individual users and even small and medium businesses in need of printing services in Las Vegas.

Direct is a good cloud printing solution to consider for large corporations or businesses that need all the functionality of Google Cloud Print. provides a driver software that functions as a full-stack substitute for Google Cloud Print. It works with the native printing solutions of Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS.

This implies that when you use cloud printing solutions, you get a native printing experience, which is fantastic. Furthermore, you do not need to keep track of printer drivers for your devices. manages all your print jobs and supports all printers, including copier repair.

Geared towards businesses, it includes complex functionality. provides budgeting tools for printers. You may also keep track of print jobs using detailed print logs and print charts. Other advantages that offers include numerous printing modes to save toner and ink, blank page elimination, full G-Suite connection, and security.


You can also consider ezeep as a Google Cloud Print substitute. It does a fantastic job mimicking GCP features that you may want to keep using long after GCP is no longer available.

ezeep has been in business for 15 years, so they certainly know what they’re doing. Furthermore, they provide remarkable features for your cloud printing requirements. ezeep’s online interface allows for a simple setup in only a few clicks. In addition, you can easily set access controls for printers on your network.

The service is compatible with Windows 10, Mac, and Chrome, so you may access it from whatever platform you like. There are also dedicated iOS and Android apps available, allowing you to use the cloud from your smartphone, and print documents on the move.

ezeep provides superior security alternatives and strong privacy standards to organizations and privacy-conscious customers seeking printer repair in Las Vegas well as to repair copy machines. You also receive print tracking and reports, BYOD, and secure pull printing to avoid uncollected printed documents.


ThinPrint is a suitable alternative to Google Cloud Print for consumers and small groups. The service supports all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, allowing you to print from virtually any device on your network.

ThinPrint connects all printers on your local network, allowing you to print from any client device to any printer on your Wi-Fi network. However, if you don’t have a Wi-Fi printer, ThinPrint has you covered. You may utilize its Cloud Printer Connector on a PC or Mac to convert your printers to cloud printers. Then you can print wirelessly using the cloud printer.

ThinPrint is aimed towards consumers rather than businesses. As a result, additional functionality, such as budgeting and print tracking is not available with ThinPrint. You also won’t receive features like secure pull printing that Ezeep does.

ThinPrint, on the other hand, is free and works with virtually every printer on the market, making it an excellent alternative for your home network printing needs.


You can also check out Printix if you’re looking for an alternative to Google’s Cloud Printing solution. The service offers plenty of features that make it a viable cloud printing option for you to check out.

Unlike ThinPrint, Printix isn’t a free service, but it makes up for that by bringing advanced features and IT support. You get features like direct IP printing, mobile print, secure print, and Chromebook printing, among others. Plus, you can print with pretty much any device, thanks to Printix’s support for Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Because you’re looking for GCP alternatives, you’re probably also strongly invested in the G-Suite ecosystem. Printix features Google Workspace connectors that are ready to use. You can use these to deploy, control, and manage your printing environment among other things.

Printix also assists IT by installing printer drivers automatically, delivering client software, monitoring printer, and user behavior, and offering actionable insights and data.


Printer logic is another suggested Google Cloud Print replacement. The service includes a slew of features that make it a feasible printing option. PrinterLogic’s Chrome add-on makes it simple to transfer from GCP. It also supports multi-OS settings, allowing you to start print jobs from any endpoint.

PrinterLogic is a serverless SaaS solution that can expand your business, so you won’t have to switch providers as you develop from a small business to a vast organization. It includes central print management tools, allowing you to keep track of all your printing services in Las Vegas.

Y Soft

You can also use Y Soft to meet your cloud printing demands. The service has a variety of features. Print authentication capabilities enable you to assign user privileges and workflows, as well as identify users.

You also get fact-based audits of print, copy, and scan consumption, as well as the option to use predefined or custom reports for your cloud printing solution. Y Soft also supports BYOD, allowing your users to send print requests from their own devices, as well as secure mobile printing and secure guest printing.

Workflows and connections with Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, and other services are also available. You can also implement printing governance rules.