copiers serviceDrafting Printing Benefits for Reducing Costs and Copiers Service Needs

If you’re like most people, then you probably aren’t paying too much attention to the quality setting when printing documents. Some people check this when printing photos and other high-quality images, but otherwise it goes untouched. Printing in draft mode can have many benefits, such as reducing copiers service needs and lowering your printing costs. This will discuss all the major benefits.

Reduced Copiers Service Needs

Some consider draft mode a lower quality printing setting, but that doesn’t make it bad. In fact, this can be very good in many situations because it offers numerous benefits. One of the best benefits is that it reduces unnecessary copiers service calls. Your copier experiences wear and tear whenever you print. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one sheet or thousands. The copier wears down whenever it is running.

Not only that, but there is extra stress at higher quality levels. The need for more ink or toner stresses the printheads. The parts need to move more in order to accommodate the extra ink and toner used. It’s even harder to move the paper through the machine.

This leads to extra calls because the printer is working harder than it should. While high-quality print settings are needed in some situations, such as documents that will be frequently used or photos, but documents that will be archived can easily be printed on draft mode. This puts less strain on the printer, which leads to fewer service calls. If you find that you are getting copier repair in Las Vegas services more than you want, then consider printing on draft mode.

Lower Ink and Toner Costs

What exactly is draft mode? This is a print setting that uses a fraction of the ink and toner than normal. While each machine is different, draft mode frequently uses about half as much supplies as used with normal-quality printing. There are some drawbacks. This means that the text won’t be as dark and legible as with normal-quality printing, but that’s fine if the documents will only be archived.

This essentially allows you to double how much you can print before your ink or toner is dry. Consider what you normally print and how often the documents are really used. Chances are that you can find many documents that would be fine in draft mode. The text is still legible after printing. It’s just a little lighter when compared to normal-quality prints.

Try using this mode more often to save on your printer and copier supplies. You might be surprised by how much you can save.

Thinner Paper

This is something else you can save on if you normally print in draft mode. Many businesses use thick, high-quality paper for their printing. That’s great for letterhead and marketing materials, but it’s not needed for archival documents. Not only that, but draft mode tends to look worse on these because the paper is made to absorb higher amounts of ink and toner. If you print with draft mode, then it might seem even lighter on these sheets.

You may want to switch over to thinner paper whenever printing in draft mode. This paper easily absorbs the small amount of ink or toner while keeping the document legible. Not only does this allow you to save on ink and toner, but the thinner paper is also significantly more affordable. You’ll find that this can save you a good amount on supplies.

Many copiers have multiple paper trays. This makes it easy to switch between the different paper types. For example, use regular paper in tray one and thinner paper in tray two. Simply switch between them in the print screen or from the copier’s menu.

Fewer Printhead Replacements

Printheads are responsible for placing the media, such as ink or toner, onto the paper. Just like all the other parts on your copier, they receive wear when moving and dispensing print media. The more they move and the more media used, the quicker you’ll need to call for printer repair in Las Vegas. If you want to make fewer copiers service calls, then draft mode can help with this.

Printheads are fairly easy to replace yourself, so you may not need copier repair services for this. At the same time, you’re still saving money by putting less strain on the parts. Draft mode uses less printing media and requires fewer passes from the printhead. This allows it to last much longer than if you use higher quality print modes.

Faster Printing

Draft mode uses less printing media and requires less work from the machine in general. As you may expect, this means that the copying job is done much faster than if you’re printing at a higher quality. While you may not notice this if you’re only printing a few copies, you will notice a major difference if you’re printing hundreds or thousands of sheets. They will get done in a fraction of the time.

This can be very helpful if you have a busy printing schedule and need the machine to keep running. You’ll find that this can improve office productivity by keeping things moving.

Printing Review Copies

While there are many benefits to printing routine documents in draft mode, the original purpose of this mode was to print review copies before doing a real print run. This allows you to see what the document looks like, but without using too much ink or toner. You’ll find this useful if corrections and edits need to be made before the document goes for mass printing.

While a document might look great on the computer, there might be some significant differences when it’s actually printed. This mode will reveal how the document actually looks on paper. It’s suggested that you do this before dedicating thousands of sheets and hours of time to printing. Give it a try and you’ll see how much you can save.

Finding Printing Lapses

This can also help when you repair the copy machine because it will show you if there are any lapses in the printhead. Draft mode might be lighter, but it should still print the whole document. If not, then you or the technician knows exactly what to fix.

All it takes is one print job to observe these issues. This makes it an easy way to see how well the copier is working.