copiers serviceDo You Need Copiers Service to Improve Printing High-Quality Maps?

Printing high-quality maps or other detailed images can be tough. This is especially true if you need copiers service because your copier is older or hasn’t received regular maintenance. This will cover many tips that you can use to improve printing quality. You will also find out when it’s essential to get copier repair services to improve your copier’s performance.

Assess the Original

The first thing you need to do is start with a good original. If the original map doesn’t look good, then no amount of advanced settings or copiers service is going to give you high-quality copies. Look the original map over and make sure it’s as good as possible.

A good original will have strong, distinct lines, no folds or creases and any staples should be removed before making the copy. The paper should also be a good thickness, otherwise the copier light will shine through it too much and the copy won’t look right. If the original is bad, then try to find a better one and this should improve your copies.

Clean the Copier

Make sure the copier is as clean as possible before making the copy. Wipe down the glass to remove fingerprints, excess oils or any debris that might be stuck to the glass. A small bit of dust can make your copy look terrible. You should also clean the body of the copier and any other area that you can reach.

Taking a few extra minutes to maintain and clean the machine can dramatically improve the overall quality of your copies.

Use High-Quality Paper

There are many grades of paper. Picking a better grade of paper often makes better copies, so it’s best to use thicker, smoother paper if you want high-quality map copies. Choosing thin paper is good for archival purposes or memos, but it doesn’t make the best copies.

Consider trying a thicker type of paper. Not only does this accept more ink and toner, but the paper is often brighter and makes the copy look more distinct. Try this and see how much better your copy comes out.

Check the Copier Settings

If you’re like most people, then you probably have never really checked the copier’s settings. You should do this before getting copiers services because you can significantly increase the quality of your copies just by checking the settings.

Nearly every copier has a quality setting hidden within one of the menus. Look for this and set it to photo or high quality, you should see one of those options with your copier. This often makes the scanner move a little slower and more toner or ink is used. You’ll find that your copies look much better after trying this.

Just be sure to go back to normal settings after copying the map. You don’t want to use more supplies than necessary for regular copies.

Use Single-Sided Originals

Another thing you’ll want to check the original for is whether it has printing on the other side. If the map is a little thin, then the copier light might faintly pick up the other side. This could lead to lines that shouldn’t be present on the copy.

If at all possible, then you should use a single-sided original. If you can’t, then try to put a piece of white paper behind the map. This sometimes blocks out the other side and it could improve the copy.

Utilize the Scanning Glass

Many copiers offer both a document feeder and scanning glass for you to use. The document feeder is great if you have lots of pages to scan and copy. If you were copying a book, then this is the fastest way to get it done. At the same time, you have much less control of the copies. The papers may shift or they may not be scanned properly, which can sometimes reduce the quality.

It’s much better to use the flatbed scanner for high-quality copies. Not only can you lay the map flat, but you can also adjust the settings for better quality. This is recommended unless you have no other option.

Change the Contrast

Along with changing the overall quality level, you can also change the contrast to improve your copying results. It’s hard to say if you’ll need lighter or darker without seeing the results. Make a copy of the map and see how it looks.

If the copy is too dark or there is a lot of dark specks, then lighten the contrast. If the lines are faint and it’s hard to see the map, then try making the contrast darker. It’s best to go one notch at a time. Making it too light or dark can look even worse.

Print a Test Copy

If your map still isn’t looking better, then try a test copy of something else. If the copy looks better than normal, then this might be due to the original just not being good enough. At the same time, you may need a repair service if the copies still don’t look good after making all these adjustments.

When Copiers Service Is Needed

Sometimes you can follow all these tips and they still won’t help. You might need to repair the copy machine or call for copier repair in Las Vegas. At the same time, you don’t want to do this unless you’re sure that the copier isn’t working properly. There are some red flags to look for.

First of all, if you made adjustments and cleaned the copier as instructed above and absolutely nothing changed, then you might need printer repair in Las Vegas. You should see some difference. Maybe the copy doesn’t look much better, but there should still be a difference when you adjust the settings.

If the copy has ink or toner stains, then you’ll also want to call for copier repairs. This means that something might be broken or in disrepair. This can lead to excess ink or toner going onto the paper, which looks like dark blotches.

Sometimes you hear an odd grinding noise or the copier might be chewing on paper, which leads it to look wrinkled and crumpled. A repair service can find out what is happening and repair it as needed. This can make your maps and other copies look significantly better.