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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Copier Service

The copier is one of the most common piece of office equipment. Since the first copier was invented in 1938, it has gone through many innovations to become the versatile equipment it is today. Almost every office needs one, and people are dependent on them. However, most people are not aware of what they can get out of the copier service.

With the average employee printing thousands of pages per year, many offices spend a lot of money on copiers. Companies are now offering copier services to supply copiers and printers as well as copier repair services. Modern copiers are more sophisticated and efficient thanks to advancements in technology. They have some cool new feature besides copying, printing, and scanning that increases their convenience. Here are three things you didn’t know your copier could do.

Track Costs

Copying and printing take up a considerable amount of office resources. Copies can produce numerous pages of documents that cost the organization a lot of money and increase your carbon footprint. The costs accrue from buying paper and copier, and printer cartridge supplies. You may find it challenging to monitor how much you are spending on your copier and printer supplies.

Your copier has settings that can be set to monitor individual, departmental and company-printing patterns to establish the amount of money spent on printing. This helps you to use the copier as efficiently as possible and save on costs in the future.

Modern copiers are energy efficient and help to cut costs in the office. They have sleep modes that enable you to conserve energy and cut your electric bills. You can opt for Energy Star copiers since they have been certified and are eco-friendly.

Copier Service Helps You Go Digital

Modern copiers have transitioned to the digital world, enabling you to do a wide range of functions.

It can transfer hard copy files into digital ones. With most people now working remotely, you can print your documents from mobile devices. If you are away from your desk or office, you can print using the printer in the office without being there physically.

You can link your copier to your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops and print your document at the office. The best part is that you do not need any unique printer supply. You simply need to have a mobile device that is up to date and a copier with the right capabilities.

Another digital copy machine service you can get is downloading apps. This function is found on the newer state-of-the-art copiers and allows you to download apps from the printer itself directly. You can download exciting apps such as daily crossword puzzles, calendars, and other apps that provide great value.

Some apps allow you to print from perforated fonts that use less ink by punching holes in them. You can save money on ink by almost half each year. Copiers that have a draft mode setting can also help you save on ink.

Additionally, your copier can backup files into a cloud server. Modern copiers have a storage space where you can insert an SD card for additional scanning storage. This makes your copier multifunctional, allowing you to backup files, documents, and any other item you may need for future reference.

Copiers are now more secure than ever in terms of keeping your documents safe. You can utilize passwords and PINs to lock your copiers at different points in the day. This will protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. It also increases the efficiency of the copier by allowing people to use it during office hours and only when they must. Other security feature includes login photos and use of proximity cards. This will help to restrict access and usage to documents and workflows.

Additional Copier Service

In addition to the traditional functions of copiers, modern copiers have a wide range of other functions that enhance functionality and convenience. One such feature is perfect color matching, where you can fine-tune your color output to get the color matching for all your colors perfectly.

You can also use your copier to fold documents. Folding individual papers can be a daunting task, especially if you have a huge heap of documents. It is also almost impossible to maintain the original quality when folding the papers. Modern copiers can fold papers in different ways using automated, repeatable actions to produce perfect folds.

Modern copiers enable you to find documents with ease, unlike in traditional systems where you had to store documents in file cabinets which take up a lot of space and time to find documents. You may struggle to search a document, especially if you are not sure how the files are arranged in a cabinet. A multifunctional copier can quickly scan, sort, and tag documents so that you can easily retrieve them later.

Multifunction copiers allow you to enlarge old photos. Older photos were usually printed in small sizes due to the technology back then. Now you can use your modern copier to enlarge those old photos into larger sizes. You only need a digital camera to take a good picture of your old photo and use it as the source material. This will give you better color accuracy and resolution.

Finally, modern copiers can boost your productivity since they are faster and more convenient than older models. You can achieve better quality results and automate some of the basic functions.