Learn basic tips for preventing damage to copier machines in the office. Call a professional service provider to repair the copy machine only when necessary.

3 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Office Copier

If you run a business that requires a copy machine, it’s essential that it is correctly maintained. Preventative maintenance can help you take care of small issues with your photocopier before they turn into larger problems, allowing you to limit the amount you need to spend on repairs. This allows you to limit your calls for copier repair in Las Vegas.

Keep Your Copier Glass Clean

Keep the glass of your photocopier clean. Use a nonstatic cloth that won’t scratch the glass and a cleaner that’s designed to be used with your machine. You can use regular glass cleaner, but avoid using all-purpose cleaners or cleaners with harsh abrasives, as they may cloud the glass. Avoid using cloths that could scratch the glass, as well.

Clean the Rollers Regularly

Keep the rollers of your machine clean, as well. Otherwise you may end up with black streaks on your papers. For clean, crisp copies, it’s important that the rollers of your machine stay clean. Avoid putting random cleaning chemicals on the rollers, and instead use a cleaner that is designed for your machine.

Clean the Interior of Your Machine

Clean the interior workings of your machine. The paper carrier, roller area, and any interior parts of the machine that you can see with the naked eye can all be cleaned with compressed air and a non-static cloth. Simply spray the air into the machine and then brush away any dust or dirt that fly out.