3 Tips for Knowing When to Change Your Toner

Printer ink and toner make the world go ’round. Without something to print with, a business would grind to a halt in no time at all. That’s why staying on top of replacements is always a good idea. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when to swap, especially with those unreliable alerts that pop up on your computer screen. To overcome this issue, let’s look at three tips for knowing when to change your toner.

1. Printout Appearance

The best indication that it’s time to swap your toner cartridge is the appearance of printouts. If your pages are starting to look a bit faded, that’s a good sign you’re running out of toner. Depending on what you’re printing, you might be able to prolong a replacement for a few pages more even when things start to look faded by tapping or rocking the cartridge after taking it out of the printer.

2. Page Count

A good estimate for how often you’ll need to change your cartridge is the yield printed on the side of the box. Many of the standard toner cartridges sold in stores have around a 3,000-page yield, making this a good estimate for how long you’ll be able to use your printer without a replacement. In terms of time, this will vary wildly by your printer use, home printers potentially lasting a year or more on a single cartridge with businesses going through them in the span of months.

3. Professional Options

While a bit unconventional, trusting your printing needs to a managed print services in Las Vegas can take most of the worry out of running out of toner; mostly because it’s no longer your problem. Printing services from a professional have a ton of upsides, no longer needing to worry about your toner levels being just one of them. Consulting with these kinds of people can also be helpful even if you don’t contract them as they can give you pointers on making the most of a cartridge.