If your office has a printer or copier, here are some must-know facts about these machines. Remember, if you ever have an issues with your office’s printer or copier, contact us today to learn how we can help you.

#1 Copiers can overheat and cause damage as well has health risks. Therefore, copiers should be kept in a place that is air conditioned.

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#2 Paper jams are a common but frustrating printer problem. Jamming may be due to a paper misalignment, over-filing of a tray, or another malfunction. If it is something that cannot be fixed by someone in the office, consider calling an expert technician.

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#3 Streaking on prints? Those annoying lines make prints unsuitable for distribution. The root causes of streaking include inadequate cleaning, toner issues, drum defect, paper quality, and hardware malfunction. copier repair service

#4 When digital copiers scan originals, they put them into memory. Don’t forget to wipe the data; otherwise you leave your data for others to see.

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#5 Sitting on a copier can result in damage—especially to the glass. A significant number of copier repairs are due to someone sitting on a copier and breaking it.

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