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Using Postcards as a Marketing Strategy

Using postcards as part of your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to bring buyers to your website, by combining the proven efficiency of print marketing with the convenience of the internet. Over 60% of people are influenced by postcards and go and visit the website after they receive a mailer. Many of these people are also first-time shoppers. Therefore, using postcards as a means of marketing is a great strategy to build your business and increase your profit margin.

The First Step Involves Setting Goals for Your Postcards as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The goal for marketing your postcards should be as specific as possible. You can use postcards to attract new leads to your website, to introduce customers to your brand, or to influence your bottom line with discount offers for new shoppers. Then you will want to quantify the results you want. In other words, perhaps your goal is to generate a $10,000 return on your marketing investment or get 2,000 sales. Additionally, you’ll want to decide when the best time to send out your postcards will be. For example, if you have a business selling arranged flowers, you may want to send out postcards before Mother’s Day.

How to Craft Compelling Postcards

To craft truly compelling postcards, you want to have your target audience in mind. Consider the demographics of your audience as well as what problems they may be facing. What are they most likely to want or respond to? Then tell your customers succinctly how your product is the optimal solution they need to improve their lives. Find out what about your product is unique, so that you can stand out from the crowd. To print out the most compelling postcards, you may need to first check out copier repairs in Las Vegas.