Making the Perfect Marketing Poster for Your Business

If you are looking for printer services in Las Vegas, you may be a business that depends on local marketing to share news about events or special offers. Strategically placed posters can help you in that effort. For a poster to be effective, it has to be noticeable. Simple choices about paper, images and overall simplicity can get customers looking at your information.

The Power of Color

If you are posting on a public notice board, your information can get lost in a sea of white paper and black ink. Potential customers will lose your message as it blends in with all the other surrounding notices. Simply printing on a colored piece of paper can make your poster stick out. The eye will be drawn to the bright, yellow spot surrounded by white. You can bring even more contrast by using colored ink. For instance, blue ink on yellow paper is far more noticeable than black ink on white.

Use Memorable Images

It is simple to put images on a poster. Publishing software allows you to do it with drag and drop ease. Yet the point of an image on a poster is to evoke a feeling and make the poster memorable. Cluttered posters are forgettable. If there is too much information to process, the customer will just move to the next poster. Find one or two memorable images that represent the message, allowing for some empty space in your design.

Less Is More

Posters are only part of a marketing campaign. A good poster will create a customer response. While it can be tempting to put all the information about an event on a promotional poster, this can be overwhelming for the consumer. Instead, provide absolutely necessary information on a poster that includes a link to online promotional information. The consumer can digest the full information in his or her own time rather than trying to take it all in at once.