Don’t Get Frustrated With Your Copier: Get Help

Paper jams and lack of toner may be common problems with copy machines in any office, but there are a few uncommon signs that mean you should seek copy machine repair in Las Vegas for a professional touch or new parts.

Before You Dive Into the Inner Workings of Your Copy Machine, Consider This

The age of your copy machine makes a big difference in how it is repaired. There are many older analog machines that still work fine if they are repaired by someone who has the knowledge of outdated machines. This includes finding outdated parts. Similarly, as with any technology, copy machines are updated every year, so if you have a new one, it’s important to find a technician who has been trained in the new technology.

Uncommon Problems

Overheating occurs when the bulbs, gears, drawers and fans are used without break for too long. This will not only ruin your machine; it could cause a fire in your office. Make sure all of your employees understand there needs to be a cooling-off stage for large jobs. The LED panel will give warning messages when the machine starts to overheat. The LED screen will also display codes for problems. Some codes are easy to understand, such as Paper Jam or Low Ink, but more complex malfunctions may be signaled by strings of numbers and letters that mean nothing to the average user but are easy to read by a professional Las Vegas copier repair professional. So, pay attention to the codes and don’t ignore them just because you don’t understand them.

When Professional Help Is Needed

All the above problems may require professional repair, but spots on your documents that resemble a dot-to-dot puzzle are a sure indication that your machine needs more attention than it is getting. It could be debris on the copy mirror, but if it persists, your machine needs professional help. Any problems with your copy machine should not be ignored. Even if they seem minor, they can gradually damage other parts of the machine.