The managed print services Las Vegas businesses have access to is about expanding the printing infrastructure. A managed print service is more than just printers. It’s about every aspect of printing, and that includes enhanced document security. Ease of access is an important reason that many organizations integrate a managed print service into their IT infrastructures, but perhaps access control is the more important reason. It lets businesses achieve security and compliance at all endpoints.

Integration without Disruption

Modern approaches to managed print services are designed to be integrated with minimal disruptions. Managed print services embrace modern standards for authentication, encryption, virus protection and so forth. This industry standardization greatly simplifies the initial integration. It also makes them able to accommodate your network as it evolves.

Single Point of Contact

Managed print services allow for clearer accountability but also a single point of contact. Almost all documents these days are created digitally. Even those created off-site are transmitted on-site in a digital manner. There’s not even a need to use USB flash drives or even have a printer hold a document in memory. All documents are inevitably accessed from a single point of contact and can even be transmitted to the printer in a way that makes the document unusable for any purposes other than the permitted current one.

Protect Business Ideas and Information

Another important advantage of MPS integration is the ability to expand on user privilege. Consider a scenario in which an employee leaves a sensitive document in the memory of a community printer. In a traditional scenario, that document is no longer secure. In an IT environment, that document has an access level assigned to it and will not be displayed, printed or in any way manipulated unless the requesting user has the appropriate privileges.

Audit and Analyze

A managed print service also provides you audit and analytical services, which can be automated or performed on demand. These processes can notify you of at-risk situations or be used to gather needed information in the wake of a breach. Analytics help you tighten information security by giving you an understanding of how your users drive document output. Knowing what, when and how users are printing documents can ultimately enhance security across the board.