Having a print strategy is an important part of any business. Take a look at how to develop a print strategy.

Does My Business Need a Print Strategy?

If your office staff uses printers, copiers, or fax machines you need a print strategy. Even if you and your staff have evolved beyond the paper-based office, digital document management needs to be part of your overall strategy. You’ll want to create a roadmap that will enhance document and information security, increase employee efficiency and productivity, identify hidden costs, and reduce unnecessary operating costs.

What are your true printing costs?

Printing costs include more than the cost of the equipment lease, maintenance and repair, paper, and ink or toner cartridges. It includes the cost of technology. Considering the storage capacity of your equipment and the level of security needed, determine if you need on-site or cloud-based document storage. You need a strategy that is cost-effective, saves money, and improves your bottom line.

Create a strategy in three steps

First, develop simple metrics to evaluate and manage your print strategy. Next, make a list of best practices with your staff to increase efficiency and productivity. Finally, decide on some benchmarks to help you identify and reduce waste and lower operational costs. For example, decide if it’s better to make hard-copies of documents, or scan to images. If you have an IT department this is a great place to start putting your strategy together.

Outsource to save money

The better-managed print services in Las Vegas offer more than supplies and service. They will also help you integrate document management for your mobile staff and reduce your environmental impact. You need to look for more than just an equipment vendor or repair technician. Consider managed print services as part of your total strategy to improve productivity and profitability.