There are different types of document processing machines including copiers and multifunction printers. It is important to analyze the machines’ features, function, costs, and your business needs before making a purchase.

Copier vs. Multifunction Printer

Copiers have become more functionally indistinguishable in many document functions in comparison to multifunction printers. Although standalone multifunction printers are still present today, many business owners are increasingly using copiers to scan, print, and/or fax. However, there are little differences between copier machines and multifunction printers. However, there are various factors to consider when purchasing these document processing machines including cost, function, and features.

Copier Function

A standalone copier can only be used to duplicate documents. The user positions a document on the glass plate, shuts the lid, selects the copy settings, and presses the “Copy” button to produce copies of the document. Copiers function on digital technology; hence, they can be fixed to a computer network. When networked, copiers become accessible for use with other users on the network. In addition, users can scan papers, store copies electronically, and even electronically fax copied documents.

Multifunction Printer Function

A multifunction printer does an integration of copying, printing, faxing, and scanning. To print, users forward files from their computers to the printer that creates paper versions of the documents. Users may also walk up to the machine to print, copy, scan, and fax hard copies.

Copier Features

Copier-based devices are designed for huge volumes of document production or processing. Some copiers can also sort and bind copied documents. Many multifunction machines may not have these features. However, copiers are often cheaper than multifunction printers. On the other hand, copiers require little maintenance than multifunction printers

Multifunction Printer Features

Even when utilized infrequently or for considerably low output volumes, multifunction printers still function well. However, multifunction printers are slower and provide fewer pages per minute than copier machines. Although there are many affordable multifunction printers in the market, they have significant maintenance costs including cost of supplies. The maintenance cost of multifunction printers is higher than that of a copier machine.


Both copier and multifunction printers can save companies a significant amount of money in document processing. Multifunction printers save on space because they only take smaller spaces compared to having multiple machines each performing a different function. Like any other office machine, both copiers and multifunction printers require periodic maintenance and repair. Consider hiring a professional for periodic copier repairs in Las Vegas.