Multifunction printers are often a considerable expense for small businesses, and buying a used or refurbished model can provide considerable savings.

Preowned Business Printer Buying Advice

Companies that provide print services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas often advise against buying printers with too much wear. Frequent repairs can eat up any savings that the initial purchase may have provided. That does not mean that preowned printers are bad purchases in general, and there are steps you can take to ensure you buy the right machine.

Consider Usage Rather than Age

A three-year-old printer may be essentially brand new while a one-year-old machine may have three times the mileage. Therefore, focus on usage rather than the model year. Nearly all business printers have a built-in counter that is a lot like the odometer in a vehicle. Available information can include pages printed, toner cartridges consumed and so on, and you can compare this data to industry averages, duty cycle according to the manufacturer, fuser life expectancy and so forth.

Examine the Interior of the Machine

Do not make the mistake of buying a printer based on a test print and the look of the exterior. The inside of a machine will tell a story. Get in there with a flashlight. If the area is reasonably clean and does not have any odd smells, then that is indication of a well-maintained printer. Buildup of dust and toner residue is hard to eliminate on short notice, and if that is present, the machine likely was not well maintained.

Hire a Technician to Inspect the Printer

If you are spending more than a couple of hundred dollars, then it is worthwhile to hire a technician before you agree to the deal. Many area printer services will provide a technician for this purpose, and he or she can give you a technical appraisal of workload, condition and other factors.

Purchase a Manufacturer Warranty

Many manufacturers do sell warranties on preowned business machines, and they may provide the technical inspection mentioned above as part of the process. Another option is to sign a service agreement with a local printer service company. A quote from several services should give you a clear picture of how professionals view the long-term viability of the printer you are considering.