Depending on what you are using paper for, the type of paper you need may vary wildly. The right paper you need for an internal draft is significantly different than the paper stock you should use for presenting a project proposal to a client. Making the wrong paper choice can cost your business money or worse, damage its reputation.


Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

When purchasing office supplies, it is common for people to think that all paper is created equal, and buying the cheapest option is the best way forward. This could not be farther from the truth. Different weights and qualities of paper can have a dramatic impact on the productivity of your office. For example, cheaper paper is often much more likely to be impacted by humidity or uncalibrated equipment. This can cause expensive slow-downs from jams, and may even damage expensive equipment. Thus, even if you are purchasing draft-quality paper, make sure to select a paper from a high-quality source.


The Weight of the Right Paper Can Make an Impact

The weight of the paper is another important factor to consider. For example, a 20lb paper stock may be perfectly fine for sending internal documents. However, when it comes time to impress a client, a heavier paper should be used. For any application where the reputation of your business is a consideration, select a paper stock that is at least 30 lbs. This small adjustment will make a significant impact on how customers perceive your business.


Differentiate Drafts and Final Copies

Paper can often be a significant cost in the scheme of running your office. Thus, it is important to save money where possible. An excellent way to achieve this without compromising on quality is to differentiate between drafts and final copies for documents. For a simple internal draft copy, a low-grade 20lb paper stock is cost-effective and sufficient. However, for final copies, revert to a heavier paper with a higher white level. If you ever have any questions regarding how to choose the best paper for your application, a great resource can be a local business that does copy machine repair in Las Vegas.