A frame for a display poster on an office desk

If you’re looking to display an image in the workplace at a large size, then you’re going to first need to know the measurements. Measurements for display posters can be a bit of a challenge if you’ve never or hardly ever had to choose a size for a picture. Therefore, the following includes detailed information regarding the process you need to take in order to properly display your posters.

Display Posters and Lack of Standard Sizes

One of the first things you need to know about display posters is that there is no international standard size for them. Unlike other types of paper that are done with a certain standard to keep costs low, there is none for display posters. This information can worry some and even end up creating more questions. However, it won’t be too difficult once you understand some other aspects of this topic.

Paper Sizes

If you’re looking for a printing company to do the job for you, you will usually find out that they have a couple of options. They might have posters sizes ranging from 11×17 to a giant 40×60 size. However, it is always critical to ask if they have all the options available or if they are having their printer serviced by a copier repairs Las Vegas company. Note that all these options are not necessarily the standard but rather the common sizes you’ll run into.

Are Common Sizes My Only Options?

Although the sizes above are certainly the most common options you’ll have, you can take one other route. If you go to a specialized service company that has a large-format printer, then your options no doubt open up as you now have a say in the size of your display poster.