Common Copier Problems That Require Professional Maintenance

You probably learned how to clear a paper jam from the copier your first week in the office. By the end of the first month, you probably learned how to change the toner. If you call the IT department for everything else though, you’re bugging them with issues not within their realm and causing your copy machine problems to worsen.

While most IT departments stock their staff with loads of computer knowledge, most don’t contain a member with copier training. That means if they attempt to repair a more major problem it can void your warranty. So, how do you know what problem requires you to call a professional and which you can address yourself? Read on because this blog post will explain the common copier problems that really need a pro.

Lines or Spots on the Paper

If your copy features extra lines or streaks that don’t appear on the original, first check the copier’s glass. Clean it well and try to make the copy again. If it still presents streaks or lines, let a professional fix it. It could be dirt or other substances on the mirrors, a malfunction of the developer unit or drum, a malfunction of drum blade or a fuser issue.

Crinkles and Wrinkles on Your Pages

Check the device’s paper trays first. If the trays appear worn, try purchasing replacements. If replacing the trays didn’t fix the issue, call a technician. Worn feed and exit rollers cause crinkly paper, too. Copiers used in high humidity situations exhibit paper wrinkles and so can damage fuser assemblies.

Toner Smears

Sometimes, instead of a line or spot, the entire page smears. If it looks like you cried on it or it got caught in a downpour, the machine probably has a defective toner cartridge, the fuser assembly went bad or toner spilled inside the unit. If changing the toner cartridge does not fix it, you need a technician.

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