shutterstock_1095610424Issues That Might Mean Your Copy Machine Needs Repairs

When your copy machine suddenly malfunctions, it can leave you feeling very frustrated. When you use the device for work, not being able to effectively use it can disrupt productivity. Certain issues should be seen as signs that your copy machine may need repairs.

Recurring Paper Jams

Paper jams are the most common problem plaguing copy machines. This issue can happen due to a number of reasons, such as incorrect paper size, paper being misaligned in the machine or even dust and debris clogging the machine’s interior. These issues are usually easy to fix on your own but may require copy machine repairs made by a professional.

Lines Appearing on Paper

Your copy machine is essential to the productivity of your business. As a result, you want it to function at optimal quality. However, there is another common problem that is a sign that repairing copy machines might be a priority. If the paper output has lines streaking down or across it, this is a big problem. You want your paper printouts to be clean and clear. This problem might mean there is an issue with the drum blade or developer unit, fusers or on the scanner glass. The first way to troubleshoot is to remove any foreign objects on the scanner glass. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may need repairs on the copy machine.

Wrinkled Paper

Wrinkled paper is a huge problem that may be a sign that your copy machine needs repairs. You need flat paper for the utmost professional appearance possible. When paper output is wrinkled, it’s a sign that the machine’s exit rollers are malfunctioning or worn out. It requires the services of a professional to fix. These common problems may require a professional who specializes in copy machine repair in Las Vegas.