Selecting an Environmentally Friendly Printer

There are an endless number of printers and options to choose from when needing to choose a new printer. In the long run, choosing an environmentally friendly printer will end up being less expensive to operate and provide greater benefits to you and the environment.

Printer Options for an Environmentally Friendly Printer

There are two key design elements when choosing a printer for it to be an environmentally friendly printer. These are a choosing a multi-functional printer and a printer that can use soy and vegetable-based inks. Multi-functional or all-in-one printers provide the ability to do several independent functions in one machine rather than purchasing each single-function machine by itself. This saves in materials by virtue of reducing the number products needed to be made.

Soy and vegetable-based inks are an alternative to inks produced with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or petroleum products and are typically sustainable. Soy and vegetable products are typically biodegradable as well, making the lasting effects on the environment minimal.

How Else Are Printers Environmentally Friendly?

Energy efficient printers can be Energy Star certified which shows they consume less energy. The way the printers consume less energy is by automatically shutting off when not in use, or by reducing the total amount of energy required to run. As the amount of power needed to run the machine decreases, the dependence on power (typically from fossil fuels) decreases and it becomes more environmentally friendly.

The ability to reduce the amount of paper used is also an important factor. Being able to print on both sides of the document easily and reliably is a big factor in saving the amount of paper waste due to printing, ultimately making the printer more environmentally friendly.

Reducing Cost Through Maintenance

Having a printer repaired doubles its environmental impact by first not requiring the production of a second printer for your use and by not disposing of the first one. The best way to maintain a printer or copier is through professional copier repairs in Las Vegas rather than attempting DIY fixes. Through proper regular maintenance and prompt repair, downtime and inconvenience due to a broken printer or copier will be minimized.