Can Your Copier Do More With a Tune-up?

The copier is undoubtedly one of the most essential pieces of equipment for an office and even a home. It is well-known to those who have a copier that not taking care of it properly can lead to a number of very frustrating and expensive outcomes. But can getting a tune-up make your copier better? Read on to learn more about this theory and why it might just be true.

Tune-up and Increase Quality

Perhaps the most obvious improvement you will see after a copier tune-up is an increase in the quality of your documents. When a copier has not been taken care of, it will begin to damage the quality of the documents you print, scan, or copy. This is because of a mixture of dirt and ink left within it. This dirt and ink can greatly affect how your documents come out. Often times, you will notice smudges on documents usually caused by leaking ink or dirt simply move around the components.

Paper Quality

Above we spoke about how a service would improve your images and text, but what about the paper itself? Servicing your copier is a great way to also improve the quality of the paper coming out. As you may know, paper jams are a very real issue. But what about before the jam occurs? The accumulation of paper tends to affect how a document comes out looking. For example, printing paper can wrinkle drastically if too much obstruction is in its way during the printing process. A proper service by a copier repairs Las Vegas company can help to drastically improve the visual and physical quality of your paper.