Copy Machine Types and Their Uses

If you are considering the selection of a copy machine for your office or home, there are many different types available to you, each of which has a unique main function. With so many options to select from, you’ll want to weigh the features that are provided with each of these machines in order to identify which one most closely fits your business needs. From mono copiers to multi-functional models, these devices come in all different shapes and sizes, which means that you can find options to fit any budget.

Mono and Color Copiers

A mono copier is one that is designed to copy in a single color, which is typically black, producing grayscale reproductions. Monochrome copiers can range wildly in both form and function as some are designed for minimal usage while others are meant to allow for the printing of up to 100 pages every minute. Color copiers are outfitted with technology that allows them to copy both black and color documents. The toner cartridges included with these copiers come in cyan, black, magenta and yellow. This wide range that allows for the creation of all colors.

Network and Desktop Copiers

Network copiers are machines that can connect to the network in your office, providing you and others in your office with the ability to print documents remotely, scan to a variety of devices or email addresses and fax documents. They are usually built to automatically include a network card within the device for additional convenience. As for desktop copiers, these machines are smaller in nature and are meant specifically to be kept on an office desk so as to provide employees with easy access. These devices are compatible with paper sizes of A4 and smaller.

Multi-functional Copier Machines

These are among the most common copier types, as they are designed with a variety of tasks in mind along with copying, including printing, scanning and faxing. Many of them are equipped with internet access and will connect to an office network. It’s possible to find multi-functional machines that allow you to add a variety of finishes to your documents. If the copier you choose starts to malfunction, make sure to request copy machine service before the problems worsen.