What to Do With Your Old Office Equipment

The copier repairs in Las Vegas that small businesses have available to them aren’t always the answer. Leasing or purchasing a new machine can be more cost-effective than repair over the long-term. If your business is in this situation, what should you do with the old copier? Traditional disposal is one option, but it may not be the best method.

Donate Your Old Copier

Donation is a fantastic option. Even if the copier you’re getting rid of requires repair, the cost of that repair may make sense for another organization. There are charities, for instance, that use old copiers and other business machines for their smaller satellite locations. There are websites that list schools, charities and other non-profit organizations that accept such gifts.

Manufacturer Take Back

If gifting the copier is not an option, then returning it to the manufacturer may be. Many manufacturers offer take-back programs. This a matter of corporate responsibility in many cases. It’s also a simple matter of public relations. The big companies do not want their names and their brand names to be associated with waste that is bad for the environment. Many of these companies facilitate these programs through local office supply outlets and similar locations.

Local Office Supply Businesses

Many of the major office supply chains will take copiers and similar equipment from you at no charge. They already have these systems in place and offer it as a service to the community. Even if your local office supply chain doesn’t facilitate it directly, it may be aware of other local options.

Find a Certified Electronic Waste Recycler

You can also contact your local sanitation department. Some local governments offer this service for free or for a nominal charge. If not, it may be able to point you in the right direction. If all other options are exhausted, locate a licensed waster recycler in your area that specializes in electronics. These companies will pick up and recycle your copier for a fee.