It Matters What Type of Printer Paper You Use

When you head to the printer, you probably don’t think much about the paper that comes out. It all looks white. It all must be the same too, right? In fact, there are many types of printer paper. Some work better for certain types of office printers and copiers. Paper also comes in different sizes, weights, and finishes.


Choose the Right Paper for Your Printer

The first thing you need to decide is what type of printer you have. If you have a home computer or work in a very small office, you might use an inkjet printer. For these, inkjet paper is best because it absorbs ink well. A laser printer is more common in larger offices. For these, laser paper works best.


Choose the Right Size and Finish

In Las Vegas, the paper sizes most businesses use are letter, legal, and tabloid. There are also sizes for envelopes and special print jobs.

There are also different finishes. Matte is popular because it is good for everyday printing. Glossy is ideal when you want pictures to stand out, like a cover page.


Find a Printing Partner

Whether you run a large or small office, handling all the printing jobs can be confusing and time-consuming. There are cartridges, paper, and parts to order. You never know when the copier may break down. Managed print services in Las Vegas can take care of all your printer and copier needs. They will help you decide what’s right for your business, order supplies, and make repairs.