How to Achieve Greener Copy Machines

Many area companies that offer managed print services also are offering green copy machine services. There’s such a warranted focus on environmental impact and green offices these days, and whether it’s through consultations or hands-on services, MPS providers can have a tremendous effect in this arena. There are also measures that offices themselves can take in being eco-friendlier with their copy machines.

Instituting Green Policies

Your efforts to be eco-friendly will be undermined if employees and vendors aren’t involved in and committed to the process. Involve employees in your strategies and efforts. Wherever possible, present them hard numbers that demonstrate the big effects their small steps can have. Institute policies so that if you double-side print on recycled paper for internal memos, for instance, the team understands that it’s expected of them and not optional.

Automating Shutdown and Sleep Modes

Avoid simply relying on people. Use automation wherever possible. If your office is closed 12 hours a day and on Sundays, that’s nearly 5,000 hours of standby energy consumption annually. That’s not insignificant for the environment or your wallet. If your machines don’t have built-in features for these purposes, simple outlet timers can have a major effect and save hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Using Less Paper Wherever Possible

Paper usage is the area where most offices are most prone to waste. Analytics can help you determine where your inefficiencies lie. You can also have a great effect by maintaining two paper stockpiles: premium paper used for clients and recycled paper used internally. Print on both sides, and store one-sided printings in bins near copiers to be used for printings that will be discarded quickly.

Keeping Your Machines Maintained and Updated

Cleanliness, maintenance, and upgrading to the newest technology also go a long way toward ensuring you use as little resources as possible. If you take advantage of MPS, then much, if not all, of this concern is taken care of for you. Otherwise, schedule quarterly maintenance and cleanings, and take advantage of short-term leases so that you can upgrade every two years or so.