Four Ways Businesses are Integrating Managed Print for Better Security

Managed print services in Las Vegas help businesses save time and money. MPS lowers fixed costs, reduces waste and avoids downtime due to equipment failures and supply shortages. It also improves businesses in terms of data and document security and supports the scalable systems that rely on them.

Scalable Complexity

Success in the business world is measured in growth. As a company grows, its data security concerns become much more complex. Managed print implements and facilitates document and data security at a fundamental level. No matter how large in size and scope the systems that rely on MPS become, it delivers that same security. That allows the small business to rely on it now and continue to depend on it as it becomes a mid-sized organization and beyond.

Permissions at the Hardware Level

Printers used to present a huge security risk. Imagine an employee with high security access printing out sensitive documents to a machine in an open office space where employees, vendors and others without proper privileges had access. In a managed print environment, this is no longer a concern for a variety of reasons, including print jobs being locked until permission is granted at the device.

Technological Currency

MPS providers help their clients to remain current in terms of the hardware and software that is available. More importantly, these agreements allow businesses to upgrade in the near-term rather than wait because they want to maximize an investment in equipment that they own or lease.

Regulations and Adherence to Standards

Another potential security risk that businesses face comes when doing business with regulated or government organizations that have stricter data handling requirements. Through managed print, software can be configured to enforce these standards. This is invaluable in environments, for instance, where employees may handle documents one way most of the time but have to handle another way for a specific client who is regulated.