Top Equipment Your Home Office Doesn’t Need

With a work-from-home job, you can make money at the same time that you raise your kids or spend time with your loved ones. Before you start working, you might think that you need all the commercial office equipment that you would use in a full-service office. As long as you have a computer and other tools, you won’t need some of the same equipment that other offices do.

Fax Machine

While there are many businesses that still use fax machines, you can use your computer as one. You can download programs and use websites that will turn a simple email or document into a PDF form that you can send via fax and others that let you submit a file and let someone else fax it for you for a small fee. This saves you from needing a separate phone line to run a fax machine and from keeping your only phone line occupied to send a fax.


Many people assume that they need an expensive printer when working from home, but you can skip investing in printing supplies and use managed print services Las Vegas companies instead. These companies can print the work that you need once you submit those documents via email or hand over a USB drive. A managed print company can take care of maintenance on any printer or similar machine that you buy later too.

Commercial Supplies

With a home-based business, you will not need a break room, a water cooler, vending machines or a coffee maker that can make drinks for the entire office. You can get by with your own snacks and a smaller coffee maker that you store in your kitchen. Working from home lets you build a home office that includes only the equipment and machines that you need daily.