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Envelope Types Every Office Should Have

Envelopes may be stationery that is taken for granted in an office, but using the correct one for communication is a sign of professionalism. There is no point in purchasing a wide variety of envelope types and then only using one kind while the others gather dust and become unusable. When you choose an envelope for any job, you should consider the purpose of the communication and pick the best size and shape.

A Well-Run Office Requires Several Envelope Types

Whether you work in the office of a small business or large corporation, you do your best to keep the equipment running properly. This includes getting a regular copy machine repair in Las Vegas as well as stocking a complete stationery supply. Clean and professional-looking envelopes not only contain the communication, but they also send the message that the contents are important. In many cases, communication that comes in the wrong size of envelope or a dirty one just gets dismissed as unimportant.

Types of Business Envelopes

Here is a list of the most common envelopes needed in an office.

The general banker’s envelope is a clean, white rectangle that holds an A4 document when it is folded into thirds.

A window envelope is useful for invoices. The name and address are already on the invoice, so it just needs to be folded, so it shows through the window.

CDs are commonly sent through the mail or couriers and require their own type of envelope. The disc fits tightly inside, and it is made of thick plastic or paper to protect the disc.

Square envelopes are the most common for sending invitations and cards. Your business may send seasonal greeting cards to clients or customers, and it looks more professional when it is in a matching envelope.

Catalog envelopes are large and have extra padding inside to protect sensitive documents.

Your business may send letters by post overseas. Airmail envelopes are the best choice because the red-and-blue design makes them stand out. 

The next time you order envelopes for your office, it will help if you consider your main uses first and only choose the type you will use.