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Five Office Items You Can Brand

With every new day, there is a competition that comes from all corners. New companies will offer services similar to yours at a lower price or have new ways to reach out to the same clientele you have. To stay on top of the game, you need to find ways to connect with clients better. This is where branding comes in. branding helps the company relate better with their clients. One of the things you can brand in the office is the office supplies. If you are out of ideas on what office items to brand, then these ideas will come in handy for you.


When you walk into any work environment, you will most definitely spot a mug. Whether it is tea or coffee being drunk, people in the office use mugs a lot. Therefore, it goes without question that branding mugs is a great idea. You can also gift clients mugs with the company logo on them, and this serves as a reminder to them that they are part of your company.


Branding stationery is the norm these days. Every office has its pens, rules, pencils, and holders branded. This is because the client will spot these when they sit at a desk seeking assistance or use a pen when signing or filling out forms. These would be a perfect branding item.

Wearable Office Items

Many offices have their employees wear branded t-shirts to work. This is a great way to show that the employees belong to a particular company. It also makes it easier to spot a company employee from a large crowd. Branded wearables come in handy when there are campaigns that need fundraising as they sell very well.

Electronic Accessories

Although not commonly used, electronic accessories like mouse mats and coasters are also good choices for branding. They look great on top of a desk. This is an item that is slowly being embraced as a branded item.


One way to draw attention to yourself or your company is the use of stickers. The stickers can be on floors, cars, phones, or the back of a laptop. Many people use stickers, and they can be a great branding tool.

If you have no idea what to print for your branding needs, a company offering managed print services in Las Vegas may give you some suggestions. Branding is an essential thing for any business and should be treated as such.