Should You Repair Your Copier or Call a Repair Service?

Business copiers do a lot, and because they do a lot, there is a chance you will have issues at some point. Today’s copiers have many moving parts and areas where a malfunction can occur. When something happens to your office copier, do you try to fix it yourself? Or, do you call in a professional?

It’s Okay to Do Some Troubleshooting on Your Own

You probably do not need to call in a repair service for every possible issue your business copier suffers from. In fact, it is a good idea if you know a little about how your particular copier works. Having a basic knowledge of your copier’s architecture can help you deal with smaller problems and identify when you have a bigger issue. Consult your owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips and tools. You can also look at the manufacturer’s website or forums to see what is feasible to fix yourself. Research the common copier issues for your particular model. In this way, you will learn what you should or should not touch.

When You Should Call in the Professionals

If you run into an issue that you cannot fix with basic troubleshooting methods, stop what you are doing and call a copier repair service. Always choose a professional service with experience dealing with your brand of copier. For busy, high-traffic businesses, it can make a lot of sense to sign up for a maintenance program or service contract. These types of services can often ensure you never have copier issues. Using a professional service can also help to deal with other copier-related issues you may never think about. For example, a professional service will know how to properly dispose of or recycle ink cartridges. They will also know how to utilize any warranties you have on your copier or its components.

It’s Okay to Do Both

Take the time out to learn a little about your copier. You can likely figure out how to fix paper jams or feeding issues on your own. You can also learn how to open and close all the panels so that you can have a look inside or to do some light dusting. When you run into an issue that can hold up your business, call in a professional copy machine service.