Troubleshooting Your Printer Connectivity Problems

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare when the office printer won’t connect. Most offices find themselves printing hundreds of different papers a day. That being said, when the printer goes down, it can truly be a crisis. However, many printer connectivity issues can be easily resolved with a few basic troubleshooting techniques. Naturally, if you’re still having trouble getting your printer to connect, or it won’t stay connected, you may need to look for professional help. More often than not, this means you’ll need to look for copy machine repair in Las Vegas if the tips below don’t work.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do when your printer won’t connect is to check the connection. Consider how the printer’s internet connection is configured. Some copy machines are connected to the Wi-Fi, and others are corded. If it is corded, check to make sure the cord is plugged in. If it’s connected wirelessly, run a connection test on the Wi-Fi to see if the Wi-Fi is working properly.

Check for Driver Updates

Office printer connection can sometimes be interrupted if the printer is not updated. Much like any other piece of technology, the printer may sometimes have driver and software updates that need to be installed. Simply navigating the menus and checking for any important updates may fix the issue. Additionally, make sure the computer or device you are trying to print from is updated as well, to ensure printer connectivity is available on the device.

Turn It Off and Back on Again to Test Printer Connectivity

The age-old IT adage is often relatively useful. If the printer simply refuses to connect, you can always try rebooting it. Sometimes, technology simply loses connection, and the only way to fix it is to allow it to restart, as this clears the machine’s memory and allows it to reboot internet drivers. If everything else is in working order, this is often your best troubleshooting option.