How Remote Printer Services Are Changing Business

The printer services Las Vegas companies have available to them aren’t limited to the physical offices. Through the Internet, they’re available beyond the local network. This is more than just about queuing print jobs from afar but rather having access to all of the services and resources one would have in the office. The modern printer is usually not a standalone device but an integrated component that encompasses security, privileges and much more.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing allows printing from any Web-connected smartphone, tablet or other portable device. Since everything is cloud-based, these devices only need to have a screen and an input mechanism in order to facilitate remote printing. All of the processing and other requirements are offloaded to the cloud where they’re finalized before being returned.

Real-Time Information Exchange

Information is being exchanged in real-time. Consider a sales representative who finalizes a sale at a client’s site and remotely requests an invoice printing. Within the same time frame, a manager is compiling an order to be sent to a supplier. Through the remote printing hub, this data can be updated in real-time so that the order to the supplier reflects the products just sold to the client.

Document Management

Documents can be tracked, stored and managed direct from these mobile screens as well. Documents with concurrent access can be kept in sync at all times. Employees who create or receive documents while away from the office can check those documents in and give other members of the team immediate access.

Document Security

Document security is also an important consideration, and print services allow for all local security measures to be preserved remotely as well. Privileges—including who, when and where—can be enforced, and when sensitive information is retrieved, edited or written, those who need to know can receive immediate notification through email, SMS or a similar means.